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    Hi there It's been a while. How r u doing?
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    Thanks for the welcome!!!!!
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    Thanks so much! I was trying to let it grow but started shedding a few weeks ago so went back to it. Sooooo easy:-)
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    Awww thank you. I havn't noticed anything yet but that makes me feel a lot better!
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    Hi Tijuana Lover group member! There is a Medical lane at the border? Congrats on your sleeve.
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    Thanks for your welcome. xx
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    Thanks for your lovely long messages... I am sorry to hear about your Great Dane you probably didnt know this but my family had a Great Dane when i was a girl and i adored him... i am so sorry Cheta has Lymphoma..i used to be a veterinarians nurse too in a past life.. i love animals.
    And yes you are right about taking a break and i do all week i dont have a lot of time during the week because i am up at the crack of dawn and sometimes i am in bed at 9pm i am a night owl being forced into the opposite mode! Once i am out of bed i am fine but the initial getting up is hard work i lie there thinking of a zillion reasons not to get up and have a little longer with my eyes shut... oh oh i had better go i think something is going on with the cat ... hes a great mouser and loves to bring them in the house... i hate it especially when he dropped on on my head one night and it ran down my body into the bed.... i love that cat but he is a trial sometimes catch you soon and yes it would be great for a whole group of us to get together...take care and have a brilliant Christmas keep in touch and if you dont see me on here just write on my page it comes through on my phone and i look on line then..
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    Thank you for your kindness & it looks like you're going strong. Go girl, go!
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    Thanks for your lovely message I wish we could press a button and be somewhere.. There are some lovely people on this forum that are scattered wide and far wouldn't it be good one day for us all to wear our names and meet up! I know it's not feasible but it's a nice thought.. They probably think I am a grouch but I do get pissed off with people not seeing how well they are doing and I am at an age now where I will say so... I think 70 pounds is amazing in 6 months that's me,.... 78 so far it's slow now but I need to up my game and I have been too tired to go on my treadmill ..your looking good I bet you are feeling great!
    Love Heather x
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    I'm doing well, thank you for the well wishes!! I'm starting to really feel good and ready to progress thru this journey!! Hope you're doing extremely well and embracing life!!
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    Thank you for those nice words!
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    Wow,you built you house!!! Is there anything you can't do? I only weigh myself once a week also,every sunday.
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    Thank's for your kind word's, i see that you have lost alot of weight, you have also been working hard, good for you. Best wishes. Tony.
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    Thank you! I just got home today. The pain is not so bad. I'm having trouble drinking much. My spirits are good though. I can't wait until the swelling goes down.
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5 Month Check-In

by Think on 03-19-2014 at 08:46 PM
So... Today is my 5 month check-in. WOW, what amazing changes I have gone through, and continue to go through.

The weight loss has definitely slowed down, and I am good with that. I have 16 pounds to my goal of 125 which is a high school weight, and I have set a goal for that to happen before July 4th.

My size 8 jeans that I bought at Christmas time to wear in Dallas over New Years are loose, and the best fitting jeans I have is a 7 from the juniors department. My

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I Have Reached...

by Think on 03-12-2014 at 02:24 PM

As of this morning, my BMI is 24.6, so I have officially reached the normal BMI range! Any more weight loss for me is vanity weight, a bonus for sure!

Went to visit my brother and family the latter part of last week, who had not seen me since the first of November. My SIL called me TINY!!! Been a long time since someone has said that ;-) My son says he doesn't think I should lose any more weight, and my SIL certainly echoed the same sentiment.

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Driver's License...

by Think on 02-02-2014 at 11:56 AM
The number on my driver's license is no longer a lie!!! YAY!

Just had to share with people who could understand! ;-)

I Have Returned Home

by Think on 01-07-2014 at 12:39 PM
I had a wonderful time in Dallas, got to see lots of friends! Still learning what I can eat and not tolerate, and sadly it seems tomato based products are the main culprit. That and breads, tortillas, and the like.

Lost several more pounds while I was there, and a couple more since I came home. Had to buy a belt for the new jeans while I was there...

Went out several times, but didn't go out on New Year's Eve, which was fine with me. Picked up a cold while travelling,

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New Year's Eve Dress...

by Think on 12-24-2013 at 10:47 PM
So I mentioned I ordered a new dress for New Years... and actually ended up ordering 3.

Thank goodness I did!!!

The last dress I ordered, on a fluke, ends up being the keeper!! I will definitely have to have a picture or two taken in it and post/share them!

The other two will get sent back. One is SO short that my panties show (and I am about 5' 3.5") and the other dress 'may' fit me when I am at goal. Love the dress, so may keep it, but not sure...

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Before and After Photos

Think has not uploaded their before and after pictures yet. Please check back soon or send them a PM and ask them to upload them.