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    I absolutely love your new photo!! You are looking terrific woman!!
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    Dear Roberta so lovy to hear all your news. I understand where you are coming from as I snacked over Christmas and yes it slowed down for me, but the day before I left for England I lost a pound and the day I arrived I lost another Time .... I will write more but it's almost 4am here in England so need to sleep will writ tomorrow when I can don't give up ..and yes my hair too....had it cut very short today looks great
    Much love Heth
  3. You sound like you're doing so well. Frankly, I'm struggling. In the evenings I've been snacking - cheese, popcorn, popsicles, nuts, etc. But it's gotten to be too much. Today I'm recommiting to no snacks in the evening as it's started me down a path I don't want to be on anymore. My hair loss continues - yet I'm getting all my vitamins, etc. But new hair is definitely growing. What I've noticed is my remaining hair looks like cotton candy so I'm seriously considering getting it cut short & starting over. I go to see Dr. S on the 22nd of Jan. 2 days later we're taking another cruise. I can't wait. I can't wait to see new pics of you. In the last one you looked absolutely terrific. I'm having fun shopping - hitting the thrift shops as I have a long way to go. Keep in touch & continued best wishes. Love, Roberta
  4. Hi Kel:
    Great to hear from you. We had a great Christmas also. Klaus said not to buy everything at Trader Joe's, leave some for us We are big Trader Joe fans, but none are close to us. Supposed to open one in Boca - we can't wait. These are owned by the same two brothers (Albrecht & Dieter) i.e., Aldi from Germany. I had seen the Aldi's stores here, but didn't get the concept. When Klaus came over from Germany, he was so happy to see an Aldi's in our neighborhood in Tinley Park, IL. They don't do a lot of advertising, but their prices are tremendous. They import a lot from Germany which Klaus & I both enjoy. Interesting story of the brothers...after WWII they knew people needed food & couldn't afford expensive stuff so they started with one grocery store & kept the prices at bargain basement prices. Now, you can find Aldi's stores all over Europe & it's refreshing they've kept their original mission - to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Last year sadly, one of the brothers died, but the business still remains intact - run by the family. They are a private company and not on the stock market which is so refreshing. We were so happy when they opened an Aldi's in Delray & we shop there all the time.
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    Hey there Roberta!!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!! My family came over and we had a wonderful time doing the traditional holiday festivities. I'm glad to hear that your eyesight is doing so good!! I would love to have that surgery at some point. I have hit the 7 month mark now and the weight loss has definitely slowed down now. I have lost 1 pound in the last 2 weeks and I guess from what everyone tells me that can be typical. So as long as I keep going down I will be happy with it. I have lost 82 pounds all together now and I will probably need another year to get the last 52 off. I am going to hit the gym more faithfully so hopefully that will help. Truly the only thing I wish I had done was having done it earlier in my life. Oh well all I God's time. I need to get down there and see Dr. Shillingford soon............I have been lazy and putting it off. I need to do my blood work still!! I didn't really lose much hair and I am thankful for that. I went to Trader Joe's for the first time a little while back and want to go again. I drove to Gainsville! That is the closest one to me. Don't let the slow loss get you down it is going to keep coming off we just have to be diligent and keep our eyes on the prize! Tell your husband I said "Hello" and I hope all is well!

    Talk to you soon,

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    I know about the hair thing .. I take Biotin 3 times a day it's slowing down but very thin... And I have always had thin hair which makes it doubly bad.
    I hope your husband recovers well from his sinus op. My first husband needed surgery and his bones were to small to operate and my American husband also has the same problem.. He suffers with his sinuses terribly.
    I too have lost my diabetes but still have to take cholesterol pills sadly. I had hoped that too would have been sorted out but it must be my genes.
    I agree it has been an amazing journey. I was very nervous about this operation and as you know a friend who did this died from complications which really made me depressed. But fortunately it's hopefully a rare thing. My surgeon was really good his whole attitude was so professional and caring. Happily my insurance paid for most of it.. And I couldn't be more grateful. Just being smaller makes me feel good, and I don't want to sabotage myself at all. I still do have the odd occasional thing I enjoy but very small amount.
    Glad you are ok I was just thinking about you.. Take care love Heather
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    Wow you look great haven't heard from you in a long time how are you I hope alls well love Hev
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    Your new picture looks great!!!! Someone is losing weight!!!
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    Nice new picture :-)))
  10. Hi:
    I'm doing good. Tomorrow is my 4 week surgiversary. I'm on soft foods now & trying other things little by little. So far, so good. How are you doing? Hugs, Roberta
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    Hey there I was just checking in to see how you were.

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    Thanks for the welcome
    I really like your nickname here!
  13. Hi my name is Catheryn and I had my sleeve 2/14/2013 I will be 60 years young in 7/5/2013 I am so very pleased with fact that I have had the sleeve, people that seen me before and after tell me how great I look, I have not lost as much as I want to but have lost about 40lb and a lot of inches, I have a problem with heartburn and bowel movement but I have always had this issue" I am so pleased and there was really no pain the only thing I felt was being sore like I had done about 50 sit up's , I throw up for maybe a week after I had my sleeve but that was only because I eat and drunk to much, but when you feel full stop right away" don't take one bite more you will regret it I promise you, but you will be so very pleased that you got it done. the only regret you might have if you eat something really good you can only eat a little bit. but that is a good thing. go for it ladies and guy's I promise you" you will love it.
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    I had the best post op visit with him! He spent an entire hour with me answering any and all questions I had. You should be able to move on with your foods. He was not conservative with me. When I was in the hospital he told me to move on to puree pretty quickly. Things are going really good. I have lost another 4 pounds since Friday so I am happy with that. Praying I don't hit a 3 week stall! Let me know how your visit went!!
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    . Thank you. I really liked him when I met him. It's very thought consuming. I'm so nervous. I told my ex last night and he was supportive. Not just need to tell dad. Sadly we found out last night that my surgery day conflicts with something for my husband I'm torn between having my dad bring me or swapping out the date.
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