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    Ha ha thank you so much! I should post a new picture of myself
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    It's actually on the OHIP website for bariatric surgery, it's actually the only reason I went to my Dr. to be referred because I really don't want the bypass I feel the sleeve would be a better option for me. I did a lot of research on both surgeries before going to my Dr. as well that way I was well informed and I learned a lot before requesting it.
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    Well congrats on the new role and hopefully it comes with more pay Glad to hear your doing well, feeling good, and eating real food again! I haven't been able to walk for a few days because it just won't stop friggin raining! I am still losing in spite of it. Have you hit your 3 wk stall? Mine lasted for a week and then I lost two pounds, I seem to skip a day of losing and then lose the next day.
    Anyway, we'll have to check in once in a while and see how each other are doing. Take Care!
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    Hi Jillian,
    How are things going with you? I find that I am needing the forum less now that I am moving right along, you? I hope your doing well and losing weight!
  5. do come into work everyday, in an office, so I am sitting at PC all day - dont move much sadly but I do have a lovely path I can walk at lunch when I choose so I think I will get back into the habit of that - if the weather would finally co-operate - it was actually snowing early in the week for heaven's sake!!!

    My scales havent moved since Tuesday but Im ok with that, sometimes they do that then drop 2-3 at once. I thought about it today and if I continue loosing 3-5 every week, I would prefer that over faster loss than then plateau. So far so good!!

    So ok, you know how they say NO CARBS NO CARBS NO CARBS!! Well, Im here to tell ya.... yesterday I had a bit of a sour stomach from my acid reducer pill ( I hate those pills) and my vitamens so I ate about 6 of Charlie's Goldfish crackers... and my tummy felt SOOOO much better! Im keeping that in mind. I know the importance of protien, but at the end of the day calories in, calories out... and I want to feel good!!!
  6. hahaha!! Thanks for the poop update! LMAO!! It is exciting when it happens isnt it? Ive had about 4 since surgery and Im like YIPPEE! each time! Be CAREFUL with the guacamole, it made my whole intestinal tract very sore - probably from the fat. My combo was so delicious that I had it the next day for lunch too... but I think that was too much fat too fast, even if it is good fat!!

    I'm with you on the sleep thing, I am sleeping way better! I asked my BF if I have stopped snoring and he says he doesnt know, which means to me I must have...otherwise he would know! :P I had some serious bouts of fatigue last week, it was sort of like the first trimester of pregnancy but I think I am over it... I *think*, I guess we will see!!
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    Tomorrow I am starting on the Phase 3 (Soft Diet) and I am sooo excited! My friend is graduating from the UofM on Sunday adn she wants to go to a Mongolian BBQ and I thought I was going to have to just sit and drink water or hot tea. Then I realized that I get to start a new diet so I can have the veggies and meat.
    Hmmm the crab meat and guacamole sounds really good!
    Some people on here have it really bad! I feel bad for them and thank God I don't have those issues. I have been trying to follow the don't drink for 45 minutes but I may be 5 minutes early at times.
    Have you been feeling more tired lately? The other day I took 2 naps and went to be at my normal time and slept like a baby! Ever since the surgery I have slept soooo good! Also, I have been so cold! I am usually the human furnace but not this past week.
    I don't think I feel a restricted feeling, just full. I take one dog for a walk every morning; I just loaded new music on my phone today because my old music sucked for getting me motivated to walk. Are you at work or do you stay home? I'm lucky to be able to stay home so my schedule is what I want. Too bad we don't live by each other, we could walk together.
    I finally went poodie-poo after 4 DAYS of not going! LOL I have only been losing a pound a day for the past 3 days and nothing today so maybe now the scale will move. Ha Ha
  8. Thats awesome and you sound EXACTLY the same as me!! There is vertually no restriction with drinking and I must confess sometimes I sneak in a nibble of something and ignore the "dont drink for an hour" crap. haha. I too had a bite of something here and there before this week but hey its not like eating 15 oreos right? So far I am down 26 lbs since pre op, 10 since surgery. I only just took my measurements yesterday and plan to check on those in about three weeks. Feeling groovy!! Today for lunch I had some immitation crab leg peices dipped in home made guacamole. Delicious! But boy I sure couldnt have much of it and I was restricted, then full. I dont care much for the restricted feeling... hoping that goes away and becomes just "full"... either way I guess I will grow used to it.
    Ive not been as regimented with my exercise as I should be, but I try to go for a walk with my wee one each day. Im gonna have to get back into the proper saddle in that regard. Perhaps a stroll at lunch each day, I used to really enjoy that.
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    I'm feeling good and you? My battle wounds are healing nicely but the part of my stomach that sticks out the farthest feels sore when my clothes rub on it. How are you coming along with your eating and drinking? I almost feel guilty because I am able to drink almost normally now and I have nibbled on some things I'm not supposed to and I haven't gotten sick. This whole healing process has been pretty easy for me and I feel really lucky! I just worry that I will slip back into my old ways someday because I have yet to see repercussions. Then again if I start to see the scale moving up instead of down that is punishment enough for me to stop. I have been walking every morning and I'm up to 30 minutes. So far I have lost 23 lbs and 4.9 all over inches.
    Tell me how your doing and feeling.
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    I just dug out my instructions and it just says antibacterial soap and water. I have been using Dove nutrium so I think I'll switch. Ya, they all look fine and the only open one is the port. The numbness was a weird sensation for me but I think my abdomen must be swollen still. I'll use your advice and just let the soap and water flow over them, I have some neosporin ointment I'll put on right now.
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    Oh shoot, they didn't do anything like that to me. Do you have the surgical glue on them? The only thing I recall being told was to wash with soap and water, its OK if the bandages fall off, use a clean washcloth everyday. There was a lot of information given at one time so I hope I didn't miss anything. Would there be any point for me to put anything of them with the glue?
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    Quick question, are your bandages still on? I think mine are stuck to the surgical glue they used and I am afraid to take off the big square white one on my left side.
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    Congrats May Sleever!! Good Luck with your NEW Journey, Wishing you a Speedy Recovery...Remember to Sip, Walk, & Rest...
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    Hello, how are you doing?
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    2 more days!!!! Good luck!!!!
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Men Suck - thin or fat. They suck.

by JillianMarie73 on 01-08-2014 at 03:20 PM
That is all.

With the Weight, So Too Do The Chains Drop

by JillianMarie73 on 06-11-2013 at 02:18 PM
Well here we are. I have survived the first month of my gastric sleeve. Yesterday marked the one month date since I surrendered my stomach to the great nation of Mexico.

I can’t say it’s been a completely smooth ride, I’ve had my moments of restriction pain, nausea and frustration… and the three week stall threatened to crush my spirit plateauing me for a good 8 days, but at the end of my first month, I can say I have lost 16 lbs.

16 lbs man. That’s nothing to sneeze

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Two Weeks Out!

by JillianMarie73 on 05-24-2013 at 11:24 AM
I am feeling great!! Here are the stats:

Highest: 298
Pre-op 277
Surgery: 261 (I did 4 weeks pre-op voluntarily)
Home: 271 (Fluid I guess?)
Today: 252

25 since the start of my pre-op! 46 over all from my highest! WHOOP WHOOP! I can’t believe I am a scant 3 lbs away from my 240s… which I haven’t seen since 2005!! Then when I reach 230-235, I am going to try on my wedding dress from my second wedding – I am greedily hoping

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Star Medica, Dr. Rodriguez Review

by JillianMarie73 on 05-15-2013 at 11:00 AM
This is going to be a long one!

I would like to start by saying today is Tuesday, May 14th I am 4 days post op and am feeling absolutely WONDERFUL!! Currently as I sit here, I am sipping happily on my Isopure Alpine punch protein drink, have taken all of medicine, vitamins and had a nice cup of decaf orange pekoe tea without incident. If I have any complaint I would say it would be the constant “hunger” I am having… now I say that tongue in cheek because the stomach is a muscle…

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Last Entry Pre-Op

by JillianMarie73 on 05-08-2013 at 09:59 AM
So this is the last day I will be sitting comfortably at my desk and able to put up a proper blog entry before my surgery - Lucky you… I will actually have to shut up for a few days – a rare occurrence!

Tonight my sister and I drive out to my parents’ home in Brantford and drop off my son (which I anticipate being the hardest part of this journey)– and then off to the border of Niagara Falls to stay overnight beside the Buffalo Airport. My flight to El Paso leaves at 6 am and I should

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Picture BEFORE 298.00 lbs. - before
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