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    Hi J. I haven't heard from you in a while. Wondering how you're doing. Letting you know everything is great on my end.
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    Hi J, I have been doing GREAT Thank goodness. I feel so happy to have done the sleeve. How have you been? I haven't had any more complications.
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    How did the chugging go??? I wish that was my water problem. My problem is I cant stand the taste, I am having a hard time, I seem to tolerate the Natural Spring Water ok, it just cant have anything added AT ALL. But then as the ice melts, I cant stand it again, I think I need to start buying bagged ice also, so I know it's filtered, because the ice machine ice out of my home fridge and the fridge at work is just killing me and I have to have ice!!
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    Ok. So the good news is I called the surgeon and he told me I didn't need to come to him. I can go to the emergency room 4 blocks away from my home and do a chest xray and a cat scan to make sure I don't have any blood clots. So I'm going to just do that as soon as my daughter wakes up. I'll speak to a neighbor who can watch her and my son for a few hours. I'll let u know what it is.
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    Hey J. I still have no baby sitter, but in reality I'm so tired, I just want to sleep it off I was talking to my brother on the phone, he lives very far and he says he's praying it's not a blood clot. The thing is, I feel maybe it isn't? The pain somehow radiated to the back area, and it left the chest area, it's more by the lower back on the left side. This is what makes me feel it might not be a blood clot..I will go to the emergency room, I'll go there tonight at about 10pm. It's a little late I know but my daughter, there isn't really anyone who is available to watch her, she's only 3 and is on the spectrum. Her father will be here at about 10 and I'll jet to the emergency room to see what's going on. I'm going to call the surgeon now to see what he suggests I can do in the meantime, or take anything in the meantime. Maybe an inflammatory or something. Sorry to burden you with my problems, I just feel like I'm one of those rare people who are going through a whole lot of stuff since surgery....(infection in gallbladder) etc and I see a lot of people who had this surgery who came out fine and loving their sleeve. I hope to feel like that too someday.
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    I called my surgeon and told him how I felt. He told me to go to emergency because he feels its a clot in the lungs, but I can't go yet, I don't have a babysitter. I have to wait for sometime tonight.
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    Hi J I have been pretty good up until 2 days ago. I kept feeling a sharp pain in my ribs when I breathe in and out, especially when I breathe all the way in my chest would hurt...after falling asleep crying last night from the pain I awoke today with the pain radiated to my back now. Every time I breathe in I feel sharp pain on the left side back ribs area? It hurts. It's not from the surgery cause It's not on my stomach area, it feels like my ribs are caving in on me from deep breathing. Wondering if I should go and get it checked out soon, don't want to wait hours in the hosp for nothing
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    Things have gotten much better, how about you?? I am on soft solids combined with the occasional "any food" and I just chew really well and take small bites. I am still having trouble with my protein so I concentrate on making everything I eat high in protein and I am managing to get in between 60 and 80 grams with just one supplement per day in the morning. I am also having trouble with the eating slow, always have, but at least now I know that the cramping means stop your full. I am down 38 lbs over all and 2 lbs away from making my goal by my 1 month anniversary of the 22nd. I f I don't make it by tomorrow, then I am hoping by the 31st as that is our first University of Montana Football game and we have season tickets. Would love to be in some shorts from a few years ago!!! I hope things are going well with you, from some of the posts I have read, it sounds like you are not having the best go of it, but making the best out of it??
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    Thank you so much Janice. I will definitely keep everyone updated on my progress after surgery tomorrow I'm sooo nervous!!
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    Hi J. I see my surgeon tomorrow for the last time before my surgery in 6 days. I think I might get a preop diet, just not sure. I'm super excited though, I hope it lasts after the surgery lol. I still do not know what to drink after my surgery. I guess I will get that list tomorrow.
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    Hi J, how are you feeling? Hope all is well
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    I am doing good, thanks. I am having a time trying to decide what to eat, tomorrow is week one down and I have had nothing but protein shakes with crystal light and broth and Gatorade and water, I did try some cream soup (just the liquid) and I have had about 5 oz. of greek yogurt over the last 3 days. am I breaking any rules, am I doing it wrong?? I still have gas and it just doesn't want to go away no matter how much I walk around. why does broth just go through me like no ones business, cups of it? I thought we were only supposed to be able to eat teeny tiny amounts??
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    Best wishes with your surgery!!
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    Janice, I just wanted to stop in and wish you all the best for your surgery today!! I hope things go well and you heal fast and pain free. Remember they say to walk often and sip constantly. God Bless
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    sending you well wishes on your Travels tomorrow ♥♥♥
    Here's to a easy surgery and a speedy recovery, See you on the other side soon
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