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    Hey Christy,
    Glad to read you guys had lots of fun in Glaveston. We do have lots of lovely beaches here and not too far away as well so we're pretty lucky. All Australian capital cities are close to the coast so most Aussies are lucky enough to live close to the seaside.
    OMG! It would so be exciting for us to visit your little town. anywhere in the US would be exciting for us!
    Our temperatures vary a lot throughout the year here in Adelaide. Our average winter temp is around 16C (40F) and our average summer temp would be around 33C (91F) but often gets up to around 42C (107F)
    What kind of temperatures do you get?
    How old are your kids? I bought my daughter a gift voucher for driving lessons for her birthday this year to encourage her to go for her Learner's Permit but she's been a bit slack and hasn't gone yet.
    Sending lots of luck across the miles to your boy (How did he go?)

    Take care
    Chat soon!
  2. Hi Kylie!
    We had lots fun of fun in Glaveston. I bet the beaches where you live are way better though! Sounds like your brother went to some very interesting places. A vacation swap sounds awesome, although I am not sure you would think our little town is very exciting, there is nothing here. Does it get very cold where you live? I wish it were winter here, it has been so hot.
    I have been using lots of the Aloe vera and it has helped a lot! Its been along time since I have been that sunburnt :/
    I am taking my oldest to get his drivers lisence today....so wish is luck! Take Care! chat soon! Christy
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    Hi Christy,
    It sounds like you enjoyed a well earned little break. It's winter over here at the moment so a little getaway to the beach (somewhere warm of course) sounds amazing!
    You would love it over here Christy, we have lots of beautiful beaches ��
    Maybe we should do a vacation swap someday
    My brother and his wife spent the last week or so in the Napa Valley, then San Fransisco, they're going to Sturgis and then they're spending some time in Las Vegas. Then back home to sleepy little Adelaide
    The Mexico cruise sounds amazing! We definitely have a cruise on our bucket
    list, just not sure when or where.
    I was really happy with te results of the Optifast diet. Obviously not something you could stick to for a long period but definitely worthwhile if someone needs to drop weight quickly. I'm not on it now as it's a little expensive but I'm happy I tried it so I know what to expect an what flavours to get before my surgery.
    I hope your sunburn isn't giving you too much grief! Aloe Vera gel is amazing on sunburn. Well, take care Christy Chat soon
  4. Hi Kylie!
    Thank you for the encouragement! I get so excited when I step on the scale and see it move! Your surgery will be here before you know it, it sounds like you are doing good on the optifast diet. I will have to look that up, I havent heard of that one. Good job already losing 5 lbs! We had a great time on our little vacation, we went to Galveston which is about 6 hours from where we live, we stayed at the beach and it was so nice! I bought some really cute new sundresses to wear! I got really sunburnt, but other than that we had a blast. Where did your family go in the US? Have you ever been over here? I would love to visit Australia some day, I have never been out of the US. We are thinking next summer we might go on a cruise to Mexico. I cannot wait for that! Take Care and chat soon! Christy
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    Hi Christy,
    Glad to read you are doing well. I often check your little weight loss ticker and get excited when it moves. Even my hubby says "how much weight has your friend lost now?"
    I am getting excited about my surgery but it still seems like forever away, also a bit surreal. I decided to give the Optifast diet a go this week, just to see how it goes. (I have to do it for 2 weeks before my surgery) I started it on Monday and have already lost 2.4 kg / just over 5 lb. I'm stoked with that since it's only Wednesday today. Strangely enough I haven't felt hungry at all but I'm not sure if that's genuine satiation or just me telling myself that I'm not hungry. Either way it seems to be working
    Lucky you, heading off on a little vacation! You'll be able to show off your hot new bod!! Whereabouts are you going? My brother and his wife have just landed in the US today. They're on their trip of a lifetime. They've been so excited and counting down the days for months and months. Lucky buggers!!
    Well, you enjoy your little trip and take care. Chat soon
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    Hey Christy,
    Just a little check in to see how you are going. Hope all is well
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    Thanks Christy! We're doing a happy dance together across the miles!
    Can't wait to see your pics!
    You take care and have a great day too
  8. Hi Kylie!
    YAY!! I am so excited for you! You will be so happy you did this! I cant wait to see how things go for you! I am doing a happy dance over for ya! I need to take some pictures soon and post up here! Take care and have a great day!!
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    Hiya Christy,
    Just a little update. I saw my surgeon today. I have a date!! 20th Sept. I'm so fricken excited
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Take care
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    OMG! 23lb is awesome! Well done Christy. You must feel amazing! Can't wait to see some pics of your journey. I've also read a lot of people's posts saying they hit a stall at around 3 weeks. Must be the body protecting itself from losing weight so quickly. Glad you are getting to know your new tummy better. Sounds like things are going well for you. That's great news! Chat soon
  11. Hey Kylie!
    Things are going good, I hit a little stall (which I have read on here is very common around the 3rd week). I have lost 23lbs so far. I am able to eat most things, just not very much and I have to remember to eat very slowly or it comes right back up...not fun. This is really making me look at food and eating in a whole different way. I cant wait to hear how your appointment goes! Take Care!
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    Hey Christy,
    Just a little check in to see how you are? Can you believe that this week it will have already been a month since yor surgery? Time is flying! How is your weight loss going? So glad to hear you are feeling better. What are you able to eat now? 2 more sleeps till my appt! Take care Hun
  13. Hey! I have been doing great! Feeling much better. The food is fine, its just strange to think you can eat so little after being use to eating so much! I am definitly glad I did this, I wasnt so sure at first. I am excited for you, cant wait to hear what the surgeon says! Take care!
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    Hey Christy, I'm good! I've been wondering how you're going. How are you healing? How's the food going? I hope things are settling down for you.
    12 more sleeps till I see the surgeon!! I can't wait!
  15. Thank you Kylie!
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