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    Hey Christy,
    I've been doing really well. Still struggling a little with eating too quickly, but getting better. Down nearly 23 kg (49.5 lb) now, so pretty happy with that. Been super busy with Christmas and New Year. Michael and I just got back from a little holiday today. We went to Kangaroo Island which is a little island at the bottom of Australia. So beautiful! I went horse riding whch was so peaceful. We also went quad riding and sand surfing. They were a lot of fun. We went to a wildlife sanctuary where I got to cuddle a koala and nurse a joey. They were sooo cute! The scenery was stunning so we got some really nice photos. Definitely somewhere that we will go again.
    How are you going, Christy? I hope you are still travelling along well.
    I don't come on here that often at all anymore, mainly just to update my tracker.
    Well I hope you're enjoying the holiday season, Hun. Look forward to hearing how you are.
    Take care
  2. Hey Kylie,
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi and see how you have been doing.
    Take care! Christy
  3. Hey Kylie,
    Sounds like you are doing great! You can see a big difference in your pictures, I bet you are feeling great! Sorry to hear about the gallstone, I had my gallbladder removed a couple of years ago and it wasnt bad. I have a hard time with the eating slowly too, especially if I let myself get too hungry. I go back at the end of this month for my 6 month check up.
    I have decided to put off having the hysterectomy for awhile, I talked to the dr. and the recovery time was going to be very hard and I am worried about that with 2 little ones. She said its fine for me not to have it as long as we keep on eye on things.
    Looks like we will be adopting the baby, a lot has changed in his situation in the last month. I am happy for us, but it is sad for his mom.
    I bet you have enjoyed getting back to the gym, I havent been in about a month, I need to get back.
    SO glad you are doing well!!!
    Take Care! Christy
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    Hey Christy,
    What a lovely surprise to see a message from you. I haven't spent as much time on here lately either, but I always check in on you to see how you're going. I always wonder about you, you are soooo close to goal now. You must feel so proud of yourself, like a new woman!
    I'm going ok. I haven't had too many dramas with my sleeve, a little bit of pain when I went back to work which I got checked out. Turned out to just be part of the healing process but they did find a fairly decent sized gallstone in the ultrasound. It's not giving me any grief at the moment so I'm happy to leave it be. My next check up with the surgeon is in December, I'll see what he has to say about it then. I still struggle a little with eating slowly. Always been a fast eater so slowly learning to not scoff my food down lol. My weight loss has been pretty good. Around 11kg (24lb) since surgery. I've hit a couple of little stalls but not too concerned about them, seems everyone does. I started up at the gym last week so feeling good about that
    How are you Hun? Did you end up having to go for a hysterectomy? I'm hoping you are ok and all is well for you.
    Was so nice to hear from you again.
    Take care
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    I am considering having Dr. Stowers perform a gastric sleeve for me? Do you have any thoughts you can share? Thanks for your input!
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    Hey Christy,
    Wow! That's awesome news about your son. I'm so happy for you guys. It is a little sad about your baby's mum not being ready but like you say at least he is safe with your family. I'm a great believer in things happening for a reason and things always work out in the end whichever way they turn out. Now just isn't the right time for bubby's mum.
    Thank you for your encouraging words, they mean a lot. My hubby is very supportive of me. He's a champ! It's funny, he told me he had toast for breakfast this morning but he feels funny eating solid foods lol. I told him he should have chicken broth like me...yuck!
    I've done a couple of before pics, you know the front-side-back ones, but I won't post them until I've lost more weight so there's a better comparison.
    I can't believe how close to goal you are!! You must feel amazing. You've done so well in such a short time. I look forward to seeing more pics of your journey too.
    Take care, chat soon
  7. Hey Kylie,
    I am so glad your surgery went well, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. I know its hard at first, I could barley sip water, but it gets much better! You will be amazed at how little food will fill you up. I cant wait to see your progress, you are going to be so glad you did this!
    So a lot has happened here since we have chatted last. My son decided to quit the job at the iron factory and go back to his other job and he is going to go to college next semester! I am so glad! So he is still living at home for right now. It looks like the baby will be staying with us also, some things happened with his mother and they feel its better for him not to go home. It is sad, but I am happy he will be here and safe.
    That is so nice that your husband did the pre op diet with you, very supportive! I am so excited for you and cant wait to see all those after pics!
    Take care and chat soon! Christy
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    Hey Christy,
    You are a busy little bee! How did the big move for your boy go? Has he settled in now? I'm sure he'll visit home lots too. I know what you mean about your younger son preferring to sleep than go to school. He sounds like my daughter lol. Glad to hear your daughter is loving school. Definitely makes it easier sending them when you know they are happy to be there. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your little one's mum does well once she gets him back. Will you be able to keep in contact?
    Well, my surgery is all over and done with now. I'm still in hospitalnd doing well. I got to have a little chicken broth earlier and jelly (your jello) it took me an hour and a half to get the broth down so I didnt bother with the jelly. I still feel full from it so I dont think I'll bother with the dinner they gave me. I had some Panadol earlier but it feels like it's sitting in the middle of my chest. Not very comfortable but I'm sure I'll survive lol. My pre opdiet went really well. I was a good girl and didn't cheat once. My hubby did it with me so that made it much easier to stay on track. We both lost 5 kg each (around 10lb each) so we're happy with that.
    I'm hoping to go home tomorrow, my surgeon said he'll check in and see how I'm going then make the decision.
    Keep your fingers crossed for me

    Well Christy, you take care. Chat soon
  9. Hey Kylie,
    I have been doing good, just been busy. Seems like between running all the kids everywhere I am never at home! I am so excited for you! I know you are counting down the days. The pre op diet isnt that bad, I ate alot of tomato soup. I am 3 months out and have lost 44 lbs as of today!! I go back to my dr.for my 3 month check up on Sept 24.
    My sons first week of work when pretty well, I think it is a lot harder work than he is use to, but maybe it will be good for him. He is wanting to move in with a couple of his friends, so I think next weekend we will be helping him move. I am a little worried, but they dont live far from here so I can still check up on him . My daughter is loving school, she only goes for 3 hours a day and loves her teacher. My other son would rather sleep LOL. We have had our little one for a year this month, he will be going home soon, they have extended his visits with his mom to 8 hours a week and are about to do full weekends! The mom is young and very sweet, I am hoping she will do good (she just had another baby). It makes me sad for me and my family, but I see how excited she is to get him back and that helps. We got our daughter as a foster when she was 2 days old and adopted her.

    Take Care and chat soon! Christy
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    Hey Christy,
    How are you? I've been good. Literally just counting down the days now. Only 3 days left of actual food for a little while now
    How did your son's first day in his new job go? And your daughter, how did her first day of Pre K go? I have to admit that I had to Google Pre K lol. We call it Pre-Entry over here. I remember both of my kids saying, "Ok Mum, you can go now!" I was way sadder than they were. How about your other boy? How was his first day of 5th grade? I hope they all had great first days. How long have you had your foster baby for? That must be so hard on you, having to hand the littlies back. Have you been doing foster care for long? You are a very special, selfless person opening your heart and home in that way. Not many could do what you do.
    Have you seen your dr yet? I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that everything will be ok. Best to know either way though, so that you can concentrate on getting yourself healthy and well.
    Thank you for the advice about the sf ice blocks. I'll definitely get myself some. I stocked up on loads of sf jelly (I think you call it jello?) to have when I am able to. My hubby and I went and bought the shakes for the pre op diet on the weekend so the pantry is all stocked up waiting for me to begin my journey.

    Let me know how you got on at the drs won't you?

    Take care Christy. Chat soon.
  11. Hey Kylie,
    How have you been? Sorry its taken me awhile to write back. My son started his new job today, cant wait till he gets home so I can see how his day went. My daughter started pre k school today and my other son started 5th grade, been busy busy. We are preparing for our little foster baby to go back to his mother, which is bittersweet, happy for her, but sad for us.
    I bet you are getting so excited about your surgery! Its not much longer, I cant wait to see how everything goes for you. I am so glad I did it, I bought some new pants the other day and they were 4 sizes smaller! I have really enjoyed going to the gym also, sometimes its hard to find time with the little ones and my husband is on 24 hour call at work and gone a lot, but my son has been a big help in watching the little ones for me. The gym I go to has a play ground and an arcade so that keeps them busy!
    I will be making a dr. appointment soon to find out about the hysterectomy. I dread going through another surgery and am really scared of this one, hopefully the dr. can put my mind at ease!
    When you start your preop diet just make sure you have lots of sugar free popcicles LOL they helped me a lot!
    Take care and chat soon! CHristy
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    Hey there Christy,
    Big congrats to your boy on passing his driver's test. That's great news! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you in the hopes that finds his way back to study.
    Good on you for joining the gym. You should be very proud of yourself! You're well on the way to being one hot mumma now
    I said to my husband that once I've had my surgery, which by the way is on the 20th of Sept, I'd like to go back to the gym. We have a ladies only gym close by that I used to go to but I stupidly gave up on. I started to feel really good about myself when I was going there but that silly little voice in my head told me I couldn't be bothered with going anymore. So as usual, I went with it and quit.
    Wow! A hysterectomy!?! I hope everything is ok? I'm guessing things aren't as ok as they should be for you, so I sure hope eveything goes smoothly for you. I don't blame you for not being in a hurry to get back on the operating table but, obviously there's good reason and it will all be worth it in the end.
    All is good with me. Just counting down the days until my surgery. I wonder if anyone else has been excited to start their pre-op diet? Lol. I'm sure I'll feel differently once I've been on it for a week but at the moment I can't wait to start the pre-op because that will mean my surgery is coming up very soon
    Well Christy, you take care and let me know how you're going. Chat soon
  13. Hey Kylie,
    Sorry its taken me so long to write back , been really busy. Yes, it gets very hot here, I would love to move up north somewhere, and get away from it. My oldest son, Tyler got the job at the iron factory,so he starts there in 3 weeks, not really what I wanted for him, but maybe it will make him decide to go to school. I took him back on Monday for his drivers test and he passed! Thank goodness, got that out of the way! Its so hard to let your kids grow up, but at that age they think they know it all. Things have finally slowed down here for a few days, so I can catch my breath. I joined a gym a few weeks ago and have been trying to work in times to go, and that has been great. When is your surgery date? I am probably going to have to have a hysterectomy...blah. When I had my sleeve the dr. said I needed to talk to my gynecologist and get it done. I am not in any hurry to go through another surgery, but if I do it by the end of the year my insurance will pay for it all. So I have some thinking to do about that.Anyway, hope everything is good with you! Take care and chat soon! CHristy
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    Hey Christy,
    It sure does get hot in your neck of the woods. Sheesh!
    Wow! You have your hands full there with all your kiddies.
    What is it that your son would likely study if he goes to college?
    It's hard being a mum knowing that your kids aren't making the best choices for themselves but there's not much we can do about it without pushing them away. I guess that's all part of growing up and learning from mistakes. I remember my parents telling me I was making the wrong choice by leaving school to start work but there was no telling me. I thought I knew it all. Now I'm going through the same thing with my daughter. She's 16 and knows it all! My son is 7 so still a few years before I have to go through all that with him lol.
    That's bad luck about your boy not getting his license. I wish him all the best and hope he's successful next time round.
    Take care
  15. Hey Kylie,
    You are so lucky to live close to the beach! I love going and hate only being able to go once a year! Our temps here are very hot! In the winter sometimes it can get cold anywhere between 20 degrees and 50 degrees. In the summertime it can get up 112. It just seems hot all the time, we really only get about 2 months of good cold weather. Our little town is not too bad, just not very exciting. The population is around 4000. But we are about an hour and half from Dallas, so thats not too bad.
    My oldest son is 18 and I have an 10 year old son and a 4 year old daughter and we are foster parents, so right now we have a 15 month old foster son. We have a house full! LOL My son did his drivers ed on the computer and it took hm forever to finish. He didnt pass his test the other day, so we will try again. He is taking a job in an iron factory, which I am not too happy about, I want him to go to college, hopefully he will take some night classes. He wants to get an apartment with a friend and be on his own. Its hard letting go! He is still my baby, but of course he dosent see it that way. LOL How many kids do you have and how old are they? Take Care! Christy
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