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    Welcome to your new life. You are not dieting anymore so you will have no failures. You will be learning to eat healthy.
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    Good luck today! Thinking of you and wishing you a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery!
  3. Thank you..I am so nervous and I am also congested but no fever so I hope Dr still will do surgery :-)
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    Good luck 2 u with ur surgery and recovery
  5. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I finally have my surgery date finalized and its November 6th, 2013. I am getting nervous and I am so afraid of failing. I will be on here more as it gets closer to keep motivated. I have always failed when it comes to dieting so I hope this tool will help me be successful!!
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    Praying all goes well wth your surgery Welcome to the sleeved side.
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    Good luck today!
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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Congratulations on your new journey!
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    Best wishes with your surgery!!
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    Best wishes for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery!!!!
  11. Sorry, I could not fit the message in one post :-)
  12. I was depressed and angry and every emotion under the sun. At some point I made it a goal to get off it, it was 4 1/2 years later I finally weaned completely off but I was happy to be off it. I have only had to go back on 3 different times since then. Everybody's body is different though. You will know when its time, just listen to your body and doctor and do not rush it because then you will be back where you were in the beginning. I am and have been on Enbrel (shots), Methotrexate, Placquenil, folic acid and cymbalta, this mixture is my relief. I am not able to do things I use to but at this point I am happy to be able to walk everyday without pure pain. I think and hope once I have the surgery an lose at least 100lbs, no more then 120 I will be much happier and my joints will be too. I am even hoping once I lose all the weight and have researched everything I would love to do homeopathic medicine, that is my goal. I am tired of taking all this medicine and the medical bills are just ridiculous!! I think having the surgery will also give me my life back, just as you feel. I use to hike, rollerblade, and be very active before I got pregnant with my daughter, so since 2007 I have had very little exercise and my self esteem is very low, my weight holds me back from alot of things, and what gets me the most is not being active with my family, or not fitting in places or things they want to do.
  13. I would love to go for bike rides and not worry about the tires flattening and what people are thinking or saying. I am so excited to get the sleeve done and I can not wait. With my insurance it will be about 4-6 month process but it will be worth the wait. RA and weight have taken control and I will get my life back one way or another LOL
    I have never heard of Cimza, and I know for myself Metho works awesome in shot form but I can only get it in pill form now which sucks cuz it does not work as good. Enbrel is very expensive and my copay is almost $400 a month but it also works great.
    Well I hope this helps a little, and I look forward to talking with you through this craziness. :-)
  14. Hi Marianne,
    Thank you for responding. Well I am at about 6 years with RA and have experimented with different medicines and my Rheumatologist finally has me on a regimen that keeps me comfortable so there is hope!! When I got married in 2001 I weighed 140lbs, the smallest I ever remember weighing and I got pregnant with my 1st child on my honeymoon so I have never seen that weight since. I then I had my 2nd child in October 2007 and she took all the good stuff out of me LOL After I gave birth, it took many doctor visits, a couple hospital visits and then finally a doctor diagnosed me with RA 3 weeks after. At this point I could not walk, brush my teeth, breastfeed, it was even hard to wipe my own butt LOL All my joints, well everything but my hips were inflamed. I wanted to die because the pain was so bad, I would give birth 100 times over before going through that pain again. It took about 2 years of experimenting with meds until I started to feel better. Unfortunately Prednisone was one of the main drugs and it works but I hated it as well, my face and arms blew up and having pregnancy weight on top of steroids I was 265lbs.
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    Hi Jen...I'd love to have someone who "gets" it. LOL I've been dx with RA since 2011, so I"m relatively new at the RA stuff, but it has already put me to a point where between the obesity and the RA, My Dr has told me I need to file for disability. I have been off work for almost a year now. this surgery was actually his idea with the hope that the weight loss may ease the pain in my joints and lessen the fatigue as well as improve my mood and possibly even get me to the point where I could get my life back!!
    I currently am on Cimzia and Methotrexte, but those wear off between shots, and he just told me yesterday I need to add back on the prednisone...blah I hate that med.
    How bout you? You've had this longer, have you found any meds/treatments that have helped? has your weight been an issue all along or has the RA made it worse? I would love to hear your story!!!!!
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Pre Op Appointment is October 1st, this is really happening :-)

by Jen S on 09-11-2013 at 01:38 PM
I am so excited!!

Anyone with RA that had or plan on having the sleeve done?

by Jen S on 04-08-2013 at 09:51 PM
I have RA and I am looking to hear stories from people with RA and had the sleeve done. Any help would be great. Thank you

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