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    I clicked on your name because I have been a blood donor for as long as I can remember. I have always done it because of the Lorna Doones I get when I am done. It was always the perfect reward.

    ...Now that I see your before and after pictures, and have read some of your posts, well you are just doing awesome. You look fantastic and your attitude is great. You go girl...
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    Hi! I just joined. I am planning on having the sleeve done by Dr. Bruce and just wanted your opinion about how things went for you? I really appreciate any info. Thanks!

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    aw thanks! it's funny you mention shag. our balboa instructor told us last week that he thought we'd enjoy shag (i don't know which one he was referring to;i know there are several). so we may try that out when we're done with our current lesson plan. we know lots of ballroom dances but prefer the rhythm dances (ie not waltz etc : ). away from the dance studio and its socials where they play a bit of everything, we tend to favor swing dance. it works for a lot of music , including country music which means we can meet my parents at country bars much to my husband's chagrin. and we can always find a swing group when we travel which is fun. salsa is the other one we do socially a lot -and also at every family function be it a baby shower or a funeral bc my husband is puerto rican. so happy for you that you can dance again. that is the best nsv of all if you're a dancer. talk to you soon-gordita
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    oh yeah-you totally met her twin. people are cuh-ray-zee! my passive aggressive plan was to leave it on top of her wallet which was out on the table to be sure she saw it. but she was sitting there when i left so i did the slightly less confrontational move and left it on the table. in other circumstances & locations i would have prob skipped the passive and gone straight for aggressive (i am WAY capable of ripping it up in front of her shocked face) but i dont want drama at a place i go to regularly. esp a place i go to relax and chill. and one where i'm likely to see her over and over. just seems counterproductive lol. i am sure she was well meaning but that doesn't make it less rude. lord help her if she tries that shi* at a later date. then i will have to address it woman to woman in no uncertain terms.
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    Thanx for the welcome
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    Change your profile pic. You look much better than that.
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    Thanks for replying to my blog about losing weight on the pre-op diet. Wow! You've done awesome!. I wish you much continued success!
  9. I do feel like I'm battling daily, BUT, seeing results helps. (even if they come small and weeks apart!). I'm doing everything to plan and my friend who had it a week after me goes out and eats FRIED, BATTERED chicken and then goes for frozen yogurt the same night last week. She's still losing some. I don't get it.....BUT, just think about how healthy our insides are getting because we're eating so much better. That will translate outside soon! continued good luck....... I know your pain. I think I'm going to be a SLOW loser!!!!
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    I'm still stalled, and gained 1.5 over the weekend. I'm trying not to be frustrated, but I kinda feel like I can eat more than the people on this website. Today I ate nothing but protein, maybe 10 carbs and 600 calories. I thought days of extreme dieting would be over, lol guess not. Happy for your 2 pounds, you go girl!! I'm going to try and stay off scales til Friday, but that is about as far as I can go.
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    Hey Lady! I'm still stalled, how are you doing? I hope your doing well! This is making me nuts! :P
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    I gained 8 pounds overnight in the hospital and it took me a week to lose it. It's weird that I lost more on the pre-liquid one week diet then I did the 2nd week of surgery. Really I can't complain, I have lost 15 pounds in three weeks surgery date was today I think. I have really tried hard though, I only eat 1/2 a cup three or four times a day and I try to stay under 750 calories a day. I'm more hungry but I don't eat.

    Tonight I got pinto and cheese from Taco Bell and put the meat of a soft taco in it. Mixed it real good. I only could get 1/2 of it down it was not even a half of cup. This is the first time I have gotten full on a small amount. I think the key was I made sure I didn't drink anything is the only thing I could think of.

    But, that was two hours and now my tummy is empty and I could eat more. lol

    Are you keeping track of all you eat calories and protein?
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    I had surgery on 8/13 so I'm a day short of three weeks out. I have been losing a pound a day until I started on the "mushy" food. I still feel like I can eat more than other people on this site and I'm hoping I'm proven wrong when I get to solid foods. I gained 7 pounds in the hospital and I have a low thyroid so it took me over a week just to lose that. I have kept my calories below 700 some days 600. Some days I lose a pound and some days I don't. It might be because I added caffeine back into my diet which is a big no no unsweet ice tea, I can't help it! :O hang in there I bet that visit was fustrating for you.
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    have you tried a scrambled egg yet? i feel like I don't have restriction, everyone says try scrambled egg to see how restricted I am, but it seems too early, that is why I'm still on smooshies.
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    Hope everything went well today! Congrats!
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Spring is coming!!!!

by lornadoone629 on 03-03-2014 at 04:10 PM
Ok, so it's been snowing here off and on today, along with rain and sleet. lol Going to be 13 degrees tonight, so maybe Spring isnt' in my sights just yet! lol yesterday's temps of almost 70 were just a tease.

So...with Spring coming soon, I'm feeling more like doing things outside this year, so I'm making all kinds of plans to revamp my patio out back. One of the great things that I have noticed while I'm shopping for new thing for the patio is that I am UNDER all of the

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by lornadoone629 on 12-12-2013 at 10:43 AM
Highest known weight: 351
First consultation weight (April 16th, 2013): 331.5
Day starting pre-op diet (July 7, 2013): 314.2
Day of surgery (August 5, 2013): 298.9
Sleeved stats:
Month 1: 284.6
Month 2: 272
Month 3: 268.8
Month 4: 259.6
Month 5:
Month 6:
Month 7:
Month 8:
Month 9
One year

It's get a Facial Time, It's get a Facial Time (sung to the tune of It's Howdy Doody Time)

by lornadoone629 on 09-30-2013 at 09:27 AM
Ok, so FINALLY, I hit my 25 pounds lost since surgery. Today is my 2 month surgiverary. I had expected it sooner than now, but I am learning patience! lol That makes 58 pounds since I started my journey with pre op dieting on 5/21/13. I'm a slow loser, but I AM losing! I am ALMOST into jeans that are 5 sizes down from where I started. The ones 4 sizes down are baggy, and the next ones are a little bit tight for me. Ok. so I've seen other folks wear them tighter than that, but I'm

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big milestone for me.... One small step

by lornadoone629 on 08-29-2013 at 10:11 AM
Well....I just did something that I haven't been able to do in 4 years!!!! I walked around the city block downtown!!!1 YAY!!!

Ok, so those of you who walk 1-5 miles a day or run marathons might think that this is really silly, but I have bad arthritis in my lower back, knees and feet. My mobility has been compromied for about 4 years now, with the length of one block being the most I could walk at one time on a good day. That's the reason that I had the sleeve surgery....to

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12 days to go!!!!!

by lornadoone629 on 07-24-2013 at 03:17 PM
So, I have only 12 days to go. I have been on my official pre-op diet for 18 days and so far, no cheats (well, ok, I did eat an extra almond or 3, but that's because they say "3-fingers" worth and I have VERY small hands!) lol

Since I started doing high protein/low carb on 5/21, I've lost a total of 28 pounds!!!! woot woot! 4 pounds from my first goal of 299 by surgery date. Since I'm starting 5 protein shakes a day next Sunday, + only water, I should be able

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Before and After Photos

Picture BEFORE 331.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 240.60 lbs.

Member: lornadoone629

Surgery date: 08/05/2013

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