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    Hi there, I am in Langley and had my surgery in Kirkland hospital with Puget Sound Surgical. I had my surgery November 12th , 2013. I also paid for my surgery, as I didn't want to wait until I could get it here. Hope all is going well.
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    It looks like your eating well. I can tell you my doctor office doesn't allow grains, or fluids other then water for the first 4-6 months. So, I would suggest counting your carbs. My doctor doesn't require the 3 weeks of mushy food either. But I am only holding a tablespoon of food in me at each sitting. I only hold a 1/2 a protien drink at a time. between meals and 1/2 protien drink I am eating ever 2 hours. Plus getting in 64 ounces of water. And we are taught the 30/20/30 rule.....drink 30 min before a meal, no drinking during a meal that has to be eaten over 20 mins the drink again 30 minutes after your meal. They also say to do this to not expand the stomach to maximize the restriction of food intake the first year.

    I hope that helps knowing what others are taking in.

    Everyone stalls at some point, more sleep, more water, and try a different exercise. the stress defeats everything you are working hard to achieve.
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    Hi I'm not a member of the group you posted in about feeling drunk after eating, but wanted to respond to your post - What you are feeling is what is called Dumping, it comes when you have sugars (and carb's/pasta are sugars), your body crashes, you get light headed, want to just lay down and sleep but can't.
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    I am responding to your post about your incisions. I do not belong to that group so I can't respond there. You might do better to post the question on the mass board instead of to a small group.

    I have numerous skin issues. I can't use steri strips either as well as all adhesives. Most likely the one that looks different is the larger one. One of the holes is used to insert the tools needed to do the surgery and it is a bit larger. Most docs don't use stitches to close the small holes needed for this surgery.

    Since the area is bothering you I would suggest that you take an oral antihistamine. If you take a baseline antihistamine all the time you would want to double up on that for a week and see if that gets you through the worst of this. In addition you may want to include a hydrocortisone cream but NOT to any areas that are open and of course it should be a very small layer used.

    If the above do not give you a bit of comfort, you may need to go get some oral steroids and possibly an injection of them. I know that steroids will slow down the healing but at times they are necessary to get over this reaction.
  5. Thanks. I appreciate that. It felt very below the belt and this journey is challenging enough that I felt very judged and shameful. I just want to share and hear about everybodies different journeys.
  6. Lissy, I want to apologize for my comment to you about eating a valentine cooky and popcorn. I was way out of line, however it was not to be hateful. I realize every doctor has their own progression, and I do apologize. I hope you are doing well and continue to thrive without those extra pounds we all want to be rid of.
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
I'm a 32 year old single mom of a 7 year old girl, widowed as of January 25, 2013, separated for awhile before his death. I've been obese since puberty and wanted weight loss surgery as long as I could remember. I have tried every diet and exercise program and would lose 30 lbs and then if I slowed down it came right back on. I was in a car accident which has left me in chronic pain and therefore hard to exercise so the weight just piled on. 60lbs in 18 months. I got some money for my injuries and thought that getting the sleeve would be the best thing I could do for myself for my life.
Surrey, bc
My kidlet
Disability/stay at home mommy
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8 days post op

by Lissy on 02-15-2013 at 05:36 PM
Well my journey begins. I have been over weight my whole life so when I could afford this surgery I went for it despite my family not being 100% behind me. They don't think that I'm overweight enough. I'm 5'1" and was 222, so very unhealthy weight. I've had the surgery planned and booked for six months and then on January 25th my husband died suddenly. We had been separated for awhile but still it hurts bad. Now my daughter only has me so I decided to go ahead with the surgery as scheduled.

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