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    `New listing for the cook book on EBay Bariatric's Balanced Meals | eBay
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    Thanks for your reply. I hope to stay in touch with you and look forward to meeting you. Rain headed our way tomorrow . . . I don't like driving in traffic in VA - I get lost! But, I'll see Dr Adams at 11am and I'm hoping my insurance will pay for the sleeve. Either way, I'm getting the band out.
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    Hi Tammy, I'm Yvonne. I have my appointment with Dr. Adams this Friday in Suffolk. I will start the process to get approval from BCBSNC for band removal and placement of sleeve. Everything going okay with you? Any advice or suggestions? I met Dr. Adams about three years ago, I was banded in Mexico in 2003 before it was routinely done in US and lost 130 pounds. Band failure/problems gained back about 40 pounds. A little nervous about surgery again but worth the risk to me to stay slim . .
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    thanks I was so tired for the first few weeks. I laid in bed the whole time
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    thanks everything went. today is my first day back to work
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    Thanks for the well wishes! It has been almost 4 weeks. I feel better every day. I had a week stall, but since I have returned to work, I am losing again. I plan on getting a treadmill in the next two weeks. My husband will have the surgery on April 16
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    Thanks, I am 15 days post. At 14 days post, I registered a total of 20lbs down. Im still recuperating, but happy with all outcome so far. Thanks again. Best wishes to you too
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    Thanks BeachTammy!!!! 9 more days till surgery!!!
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    Hi, Thanks for the breathing tip. I have been practicing now it doesn't hurt to breathe any more. I go back to work Monday so I want to be 100 percent.
  10. Rain rain go away I am sick of my head ache today.
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    Thank you so much, everything went great.. =)
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    Thanks!,,, I am currently in a stall, but I keep telling myself... " This too soon shall pass".... Of-course I am keeping my fingers crossed when I say it too... LoL
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    thanks you...and hopefully i will be able to have it soon...I got a lil discourage and started back eating unhealthy,and stop working out....so i got to get back on this mission and try to get this surgery done
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    Thanks Beachtammy. It went very well. I am home and 4 days post op. OCC is a very nice place and Dr. Ortiz is a zero. All the other Dr.s wer wonderful too.
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    Thank you for the well wishes! Doing well since surgery.
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Hello 20 day old tummy!

by Beachtammy on 03-12-2013 at 10:22 AM
Today my tummy is 20 days old. I have now lost 29 lbs!!! I am so excited. I still have soreness on one incision. Mainly if I bend over or if I over do it, I strain the area.

My doctor says no meats until 3 days + 3 weeks out. So all I eat is low fat, low sugar or no sugar added jello, soups that's strained of pieces, protein shakes, cottage cheese and yogurt. So come March 17th I can add 1 -1 1/2 ounces of either eggs, turkey, chicken and seafood at each meal!! Yay!

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Two weeks post op.

by Beachtammy on 03-06-2013 at 10:21 AM
Two weeks post op! I have no regrets. I have now lost 24 pounds and counting. Walking helps me a lot, on days I don't walk more than once I seem not to lose anything. A few years ago I asked a doctor how often should a person exercise. His reply was how many days of the week do you eat? ... He is right, so whether its walking, biking, or moving about, I am now making this effort. It was chilly so this past weekend my husband and I went to the mall to walk around. We used to go out to eat but we

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Addicted to food

by Beachtammy on 03-04-2013 at 07:08 PM
For the past few hours I have been reading different post and comments. I have come to realize I am addicted to foods. My head hunger sucks. Commercials come on and all I see is various restaurants and that food dish calling out to me. Yes I have been going to therapy and talking endlessly of all my emotional issues of the past. I have been in therapy on and off for many years. I stuff my feelings and I like to sabotage my life with food. I found it is generally easier to stuff my stress than to

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5 days and counting down

by Beachtammy on 02-15-2013 at 11:19 AM
Five days until my surgery. I must say that I am excited, nervous, happy and scared all at the same time. My nerves are so heighten I don't think about eating. To loose more than 20 lbs is so unbelievable after all the diets I have done fail so miserably. I worked out yesterday for 2 hours in the pool just to try to calm myself down. I think might have to go again today. I feel like jumping out of my skin..... Whew, I am really doing this and its awesome!

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