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  1. Ok its been a while, time for an update-
  2. That's great to hear hope everything is ping better for you.
  3. Hi Miss Jay, hows it going?
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    thank you
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    I'm doing fine. After being off all summer, I'm going back to work Monday. I have lost 15 lbs since surgery and 34 lbs all together. Glad to hear you are doing well!
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    Hi Miss Jay! I was just thinking about you. How are you?
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    I am getting better as each day passes. I still have discomfort in my stomach and am only able to eat about 1 ounce at each setting. I have to try to eat more often since I cannot get very much down. Thank you for asking.
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    Not doing well Dr.Quinones and staff have decided to blacj ball me and not pay me and stole my ideas and are refusing payment we are in the process of filing civil suits as I will have to because they are holding my money and i know no other way since they do not want to pay me. I am upset that I made Dr.Q knownby this and several other boards and now they got exposure they are cutting me out of the picture I will need to gey patient letters together so I am overwhelmed.
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    Thank you very much... but i was always handsome...jeez
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    Thanks for the welcome
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    how did surgery go and what happened?
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    Hmmm...first thing I would do is stop chicken or anything you have to chew and swallow. It may be now partly a anticipatory reflex. So much of the sleeve issues can be mental and stress related. I am NOT saying your issue is all in your head-don't get me wrong. Just step away from the solid foods. Try Smoothies. Use frozen fruit, add water, protein powder...not too thick, not too thin. Don't even think about grams of Protein, carbs, calories or any of that crap OR even how much weight you are or are not losing. Have FUN with your tummy...experiment with the Smoothies...and do not hesitate to PM me ANYTIME.
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    Hey, Miss Jay! So, it's over and done with...how are you feeling? Contact me anytime!
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    I'm glad things went well in Mexico and sorry to hear about the gagging/spitting. I hope that goes away soon.
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    Miss J you just made my day I was thinking about you today and today is actually my 40th birthday so thank you for the wonderful birthday present I'm glad to hear you doing well. I struggled too as well in the beginning with liquids and food and even three months out I still am working with it but it gets better every day
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1 month Post-Op, GAGGING, SPITTING, DRY HEAVES... Everyday!!

by Miss Jay on 06-29-2013 at 11:03 PM
Hello to everyone on the site. Thanks for all the Prayers, Good wishes and Concerns. My experience in Mexico was Wonderful!! I was kept in the hospital/clinic 2 nights due to continuous nausea, vomiting with IVs. No fever, vital signs were good, but couldn't stop vomiting Froth, Foam and Saliva. 30 days today and still gagging and spitting up Saliva and Froth. Having problems with food & liquids, especially water. I love water and it doesn't want to stay down most of the time. I have lost

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