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    Thank you for the welcome. I would LOVE to be going to the gym, but my hurdle right now with that is my schedule. I work overnight 40 hrs a week & in the daytime I go to school 9 hrs a week & also clinicals (radiology technologist student) 18 hrs a week. Needless to say, I'm always exhausted. Do you have set times you go?
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    Hey I'm new to the site. Working through the VA to set up getting the sleeve. I'm here in SA so thought it'd be nice to know someone here going through it. How's it going?
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    Sounds like your blood sugar is doing great! As far as a workout partner, have you tried putting something on craigslist? I have seen those kinds of ads before - just a thought and it doesn't cost anything. I have asked my husband to help me by going with me to the gym. That has helped some but I still struggle with motivation.
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    I think that as long as I continue to eat less than 1000 calories/day, I will eventually be "normal weighted". If I exercise and eat good stuff instead of bad stuff, it will just happen faster. Casino and eclair sounds like heaven to me!
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    I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a "diet" but how I am going to eat for the rest of my life. I am eating much smaller portions than before surgery and not feeling deprived at all. However I seem to be able to eat more than lots of other folks on here. My weight loss has not be really fast, but it is continuing to move in the right direction. Try to stay positive... getting flirted with is a definite NSV!
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    I have been really lazy about exercising. I only lost 8 pounds in Feb so I think it is time to get serious and start moving. Ugh.
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    I am doing ok... still concerned because I seem to be able to eat and drink more than I should be able to. I get "hungry" which is really just an emptiness about 3 hours after I eat. I had frozen yogurt the other night with reeses on top (at a froyo place) and it was amazing! I couldn't finish it all though so maybe I will still be ok. I still don't have a ton of energy, but each week seems to get a little better. Glad you are doing well! Are you exercising yet?
  8. Epiphany12th sure would love to have a walking buddy - There are several walking tracks near the medical center area (Babcock/Wurzbach) and there is always the Pearl downtown. Brandeis & Marshall High have nice tracks.
  9. I guess the stall is concerning to me since most that I have read stall months after the surgery. I feel that I am eating too much, mostly protein though. I love water but am having a tough time still getting my fluids in. I guess most discouraging is the eating and drinking are so time consuming.
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    Wow! 30 pounds is awesome!! Why do you say you are not doing well? Personally I think that if you are losing weight, you are doing fine. I am still very sluggish and not exercising either. Some folks say it took them 8 weeks to feel normal again after surgery and I am thinking I am one of those. I can tell when I do too much because my stomach starts hurting which I think is my staples pulling.
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    How are you doing? I am still losing, slowly but surely! Started on soft foods last week which is great. I sometimes feel empty but not really hungry. I am still not exercising regularly but plan on starting this weekend. Let me know how you are!
  12. Epiphany12th, I'm responding to your call for San Antonio sleever - my sleeve is scheduled for Monday feb 11th with Dr Duperier. In reading your exchange with hlydly about returning to work I was wondering how long you took off? My doc says the min is 2 weeks but can be up to 6 wks.
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    Sounds like we are in very similar places. I started working again this past week as well. I don't mind my protein drink ... I use unflavored powder and orange crystal lite with water and ice, mixing it with a stick blender. My stick blender is my new best friend! I use it to puree and thin everything that I am trying to eat. I was using it to thin greek yogurt but yesterday I was able to eat it without thinning it. I sometimes feel hungry but if I eat 3 oz of soup or yogurt, or drink a protein shake, it goes away. Considering how much I used to eat, this is amazing.
    My nurse said no gummies at all that they don't get absorbed, so I am happy you are changing that. I'm not exercising yet either! I walk a little every day but only 5-10 mins at a time. I am guessing I am not going to set any records for fast weight loss, but I am still losing so that is good enough for me!
  14. I hope that all is well with you. I am back to work as of the 24th. On Sunday the 13th I could not stomach another protein shake. Sunday I think that I also overate until I went back to work on Thursday. Also on Sunday,I got some unflavored protein powder with 26g a scoop. I dump it in everything.

    I saw the doctor on the 25 and he put me on pureed foods. Since Thursday I am having problems getting as much liquids in as I would like. I think I may get about 50oz. I was getting at least 70oz. My protein is good due to the powder. I also feel stuffed and am having trouble eating but at the same time I have hunger pangs.

    I am buying new vits because I have been using gummies and the doctors says they may not get absorbed because they are gummmies. I take sublingual B12. I also need a different calcium. He told me that citrate absords better. I got some Biotin which I am taking now, my hair is really important to me. I also bought some liuid hair, skin, and nails liquid vits but have not tried it yet.

    I have only exercised a few times.

    Seems I am averaging aloss of a pound per day since surgery.

    I am so used to drinking more water and do not feel well about not getting a lot more in. Wating 30 minutes after eating seems so long. Plus being that it takes me anywhere from 30-60 to eat 1/2 cup of food does not help.
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    How are you doing? Are you able to eat soft foods yet? I seem to be a few days behind what my doc recommends as far as when to move from each stage forward. I am just now doing pureed consistently and trying to make myself eat 3 times a day, then drink a bunch of protein between. Let me know how you are doing.
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