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    Thank you. Surgery went well. I am back to work and feeling great! Just got to figure out how to fit in my walking now until I am allowed to start doing water aerobics again.
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    Hi Rose. I am glad you are feeling well. I am doing pretty well, too. I find that I feel good in the morning and early afternoon, but towards the end of the day all my energy seems to disappear. I'm doing well with water, thankfully. My surgeon started me on limited foods yesterday. I'm grateful for something other than jello and broth! It is surprising how little I can eat. I had a quarter cup of yogurt this morning and that was an effort. I'm losing about a pound a day, which seems unreal. I hope you have a nice weekend and Happy New Year!
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    Hi Rose,
    I hope your surgery today went well and that you have a speedy recovery. I am very excited for you! I have just a few more days to go before mine.

    Take care of yourself, and happy holidays!
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    Thinking of you!!!! Tommorrow You will begin the next step of the rest of your life!!!! So excited for you! Keep us up to date!! God Bless!
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    Sending prayers and positive vibes to you as you prepare for the first day of the rest of your life. You're gonna rock it! :-)
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    Hi Rose~
    Yes I am home now resting. It has been quite the experience for sure. Post op on the PCA pump was not to bad at all. I did have an issue with double vision when on the morphine. It went away when I was removed from it. I was not prepared for drinking the lortab after the pca was removed. For me having the phenegren on aboard was essential to get the lortab down with out dry heaving, I was not expecting how hard it was going to be to drink anything at all. I find myself being so very thirtsty yet it hurts everytime i swallow anything. I do have hope that soon will go away after reading all the blogs regarding it. I have to be patient and wait for the swelling to go away. I look forward to it! I just got home yesterday. i would hav eliked to stay one more day and Dr. P was fine with it, but as my daughter had her baby on Monday I thought it best I go home to at least give her direction even if I cant do much but hold him and feed him. My mom arrives this evening (monday) : ) and I am so happy for that! It gets a little better with each day. My hubby helped me take a shower last night which felt fabulous. I am going to try eating ice chips again to get in my water intake. That worked well in the hospital went down slow enought it didnt hurt and yet gave me some sense of thirtst quenching, ANY other questions let me kno!!! ~ Carrie
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    Thanks so much for your kind note, nice to meet you. Just woke up, my surgery is this afternoon.. I don't think I really slept much but I am hopeful and started my day praying.. there's where my strenght comes.. I hope to get home tomorrow afternooon, so I will post my post-op thoughts if awake jjj..thanks again!
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    Thanks so much for you kind message. Just had my breakfast - last chewable piece of toast ! I'll let you know how it goes when I can. thanks again.
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    I am 33--34 in Jan--I have 3 kids-1 daughter 11 today and 9 yr old son and 3 yr old son-I stay home with the kids, I moved here from GA a year and 1/2 ago. My husband got a job here after being without one for 2 years back home--we packed up and moved here--with no family or friends but a JOB--The cruise sounds great--a wonderful gift from the hubby!!!! Congrats on the bachelors degree. I have an associates in accounting. I worked for banner at the corporate office in Mesa for 9 months..I quit bc daycare for the 3 yr old was 200.00 week and gas-was 150.00 week--just not really beneficial for me to miss out on their school stuff and growing years.
    I am worried about the insurance stuff because I weigh 250 but the BMI is about 34-35..I read it and it says a BMI of 40 but with lower I would have to have a dr supervised weight loss plan for 8 weeks an appt with a psychiatrist...all kind of stuff--but I say it will be worth it. I have tried hard to lose this weight but I end up gaining more and more. I wish you the best with yours--how are you doing with the diet so far?
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    Sounds good. Xmas cookies...What insurance do you have? i have bcbs of az and I am afraid they may do the same thing. good luck on this journey--hopefully i will be right behind you. i live in san tan valley...what about you?
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    I go for the orientation thing at Banner Gateway on Dec 15th. Just starting the process-I really hope my insurance will cover this I am 100 pounds overweight--I am in desperate need of this surgery. I have no energy --I have been yo yo dieting for years. I have read and read about this and I feel like it is the right choice for me.
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    How exciting!! That cruise sounds amazing!! Congrats on taking the big step towards nursing! I go to GCU as well! Crazy how many things we have in common. I go on line getting my bachelors in Advanced Pt Care. I will graduate in April of 2013. I am super stoked for this surgery on Thursday. A bit surreal now that it is so close. I have 16 and 17 year old daughers (17 yr old due with my grandson on the 11th of Dec) and 11 and 12 yr old sons. So we are a busy household too, somthing you must be well versed in as well. Is your husband stationed here and if so how long do you guys have til you transfer. I have been on my liquid diet since the day after turkey day. It has been rough, but I have lost 12 lbs so far. I really like Dr. P as well. I will keep you up to date on the process. Glad to meet you and we must stay in touch!! Carrie
  13. Good luck!
  14. Wow so many local Arizonians? Curious how much the surgery costs here for self pay? I went to Tijuana for mine in June 2012. Good luck!
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    Thanks! I'm doing well, just hanging out in the hospital waiting for my leak test and then I can have some liquids finally. It's been 40 hours!
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What does it feel like after surgery? Any Pain?

by KensBarbie on 11-28-2012 at 12:16 AM
Hi All-
I am getting my sleeve on 12/18/12. I want to know how it feel after surgery? Is there any pain inside your tummy? How about where the incisions are? Also, are you hungry or thirsty? Thanks!

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