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  1. Hi Jen, great to hear from you. Hope you are doing well?
    Can't believe it is almost a year. For me all is great.
    Have lost 80 pounds (36 kg) and although 10 pounds (5kg) off my goal weight it seem thus is where I have settled. I am healthy, happy and enjoying life.
    I stopped coming to the forum as I was finding it hard to "relate". My circumstances were a little different to most.
    Now I eat easily but with smaller portions. I continue to drink water with my meals ... Never gave up wine and drink the occasional bubbles (champagne) with no ill effects. I can eat whatever I want without a problem.
    I maintain my exercise regimen x5 a week continue to feel good with two full days off each week.
    I still have not told anyone about my surgery and actually forget about it most of the time. I am glad I didn't talk about it and no-one has said anything ... Remember I lost most of my weight (50pounds) before surgery 0.5 - 1.0 pound a week and have kept it off now. All in all it was a good decision for me. I had some hair thinning but it has since resolved and really the only issue that persists is intermittent constipation that is connected to my water intake.
    Please let me know how you are doing. You and I were on the forum a long time before surgery and I stopped shortly post-op.
    Thanks so much for re-connecting xx
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    What a difference a month short of a year makes. It's coming up to our 1 year anniversary. How's your life with the sleeve going?
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    Hi Bilby..I am doing good. Tomorrow will be week 3 since surgery.
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    I'm doing well. I've lost @ 16kgs, which is nothing short of a blessing and I love it. People have started to notice and I actually prefer it if it all goes unnoticed and unsaid, it's just easier. I struggle some days to get to the gym and I'm not using my rower as much as I should, but I'm enjoying my personal training sessions on the weekend when I'm not so rushed and short of time. I'm looking into Pilates as a way to shake things up a bit and add some toning and stretching. Food is going well, taking a little while to come to grips with balancing nutrition. Still cannot eat much, so meeting up with friends is about events other than food. I feel so much better. I love my sleeve and I'm 3 months out TOMORROW. I will be posting a blog to celebrate.
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    Hi there. I've been off the air a little as I'm coming to terms with changes in my daily routine. How have you been doing?
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    Bilby how is ur weight loss going
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    I don't know about that Bilby... It seems the scale is sticking and I need my husband to hide it again.. I bargained with him to keep it out until I got under 200 and then he could keep it! :-)
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    Hey Bilby I got down to 208 pounds..amazing really! Considering everything I am doing really well. Bit of a blip with the egg scenario today but tonight I am ok. Thanks for all your encouragement :-)
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    Hey Bilby I have added you as a friend if you don't mind?
    I managed to get my husband to deposit the scales back in the bathroom so I could do the Sunday weigh in.
    So I have been a pound heavier for 2 days now. I realised since surgery regularity is not happening well I sorted that out and that pound is off.

    So have you a group for Sunday weigh ins that I can join? Let me know and thanks for all your replies.
    Best wishes Hev Heather
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    Thanks Bilby, I'm anxious and excited. I just realized next weekend will be very soon to the day! I had to admit yesterday was a rough day for me getting through this pre op, but today has been smoother...only 10 days more to go!!
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    Bilby I can see the benefits of not weighing every day and having to to change your ticker, however I am so amazed that the weight has just literally fallen off me in the last 3 weeks prior to surgery and now post surgery that I just can't stop jumping on the scale. It has been a pound a day. Give me one more week of this and then I might. Put the scale away.. I am just amazed. For me this is a health thing and of course I want to lose some weight but not having diabetes is what I needed and my sugar levels were normal when I left hospital. There has been a good amount of joy changing my ticker today because 214 is lower now than I got to on nutrisystem..by the way that made me so ill because I thinking I am allergic to soy. So today I'm celebrating being lighter than I have been in a long time.:-) Hev
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    I didn't know there was a great Sunday morning weigh in...tell me more :-) Hev
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    Checking in to see how you doing. Hope all is well.
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    I am doing well I have only lost a total of 25lbs but I work out 5 days a week and feel awesome! I have quit looking at the scale because I was ready to toss it over the bedroom balcony at one point. The thing I notice most is how clothes are fitting differently. I just got okayed today to start solid food....we will see how that goes
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    Hope month one has been good for you I cant believe how time flies.
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Small NSV

by Bilby on 09-20-2013 at 09:47 PM
Went out tonight to buy a new outfit to play golf on the weekend. Cautiously selected the size 14 (still worried they won't fit) and was too big .... Woohoo now comfortably in size 12 and happy ( this is my goal size and I still have about 18 pounds to lose)

Week 5 weigh-in and back to normal :)

by Bilby on 06-23-2013 at 09:04 AM
Today was my weigh-in for 5 weeks post-op but more importantly it signaled my return to my pre-operative lifestyle.

In November 2012 I weighed 240 pounds and started seeing a metabolic physician and registered dietician at the recommendation of my PCP.
During the next 6 months I implemented major lifestyle changes and intensified my existing exercise regimen with great effect, losing an average of 1-2 pounds a week.
It was agreed that I had no issue losing weight

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Three week post-op weigh-in

by Bilby on 06-09-2013 at 09:40 AM
Sunday is weigh day and ends my third week post-op.
This week I lost 2 pounds and am loving it .... 32 pounds to go!!!!!

Many of us lose slowly but consistently over time (me ..... approx 2 pounds a week since November ... excluding my 2 weeks on fluids post-op where I lost 5 pounds).

The purpose of my post is to remind every one that each journey is different and there are many of us that are thrilled to lose 2 pounds every week.
We are not an anomaly

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Little things you notice

by Bilby on 06-08-2013 at 12:32 PM
This week being ack at work I noticed a funny thing. Usually if I was going up or down the stairs and someone was going in the other direction one of us would wait ..... This week. Noticed I can walk past someone and not block the stairs

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