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Hair loss stopping already?

by abcd1234 on 10-24-2013 at 07:47 PM
Is it possible my hair loss only last 1 1/2 months? I've noticed the last two mornings the loss is considerably less. Am I just hoping too soon?


by abcd1234 on 09-25-2013 at 08:42 PM
So tonight I was finally able to buy my first pair of boots! You know the cute ones that your jeans tuck into? Yep, they finally fit! LOL It's the small things that mean so much!

80 days = 51 pounds

by abcd1234 on 08-22-2013 at 08:20 PM
Yep, it's real! Today also marks the first time someone called me little. Now, I don't believe that's what they really meant, but they commented on how little i've gotten. 239 is not little by any means but it sure feels good! I'm also officially at the point of needing all new pants and almost all new shirts. Yikes! The reality of that is not what I expected. I thought I'd be excited but i'm actually overwhelmed. I have no clue what size to try on and i'm scared of what it may or may not be. Anyway....life

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Realistic expectations....what are they?

by abcd1234 on 08-12-2013 at 07:48 PM
So, i'm about 2 1/1 months and progressing well. I'm down 45 pounds on my way maybe 70 more? I'm not even sure anymore. Originally I thought 150 for a goal weight, but what does a person who wears an 8/10 weigh? I have no clue! I've never weighed that! I'm 5'5" and just thinking about a realistic goal weight - it keeps me focused. What's everyone's thoughts?

Biotin.....how much is enough?

by abcd1234 on 08-07-2013 at 09:54 PM
I've started taking Biotin daily. I'm hoping to prevent the hair loss or at least minimize it. How much is everyone taking? I'm not sure what is normal. TIA!

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