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    Hi Debbie, just thought I'd catch up to see where you're at with your process for WLS, and ask how your husband is doing? Just happened upon a post of yours the other day, and was thinking of you. I know you started all your consults etc in December, so thought you might know where you're headed by about now?
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    Hi Debbie-I saw a message you left for Carolyn. Anyway, I was 57 when I had my sleeve and am 59 now and look and feel better than I did when I was 39!! Sixty is gonna be S E X Y for us, woman!!!!
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    Hi Debbie. Thanks for posting. I am doing well and very excited over our sleeve. My husband has lost 50 lbs and I haave lost 40. So unbelieveable how it works!! I do my best to eat plenty of fish and then vegetables. At times chicken, also. I never thought I could do it. Hope your huband does welland you, too. God bless. Carolyn
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    Hi Debbie. All is going well. Have seen the P.A., Christa, twice. Dr. P in April. Is your surgery scheduled yet?
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    Thought I'd place a little "graffiti" on your wall. How are you doing? Hope all is going good!
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    Was your husbands doctor Dr. Pilcher also?
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I did amazing over the holiday break so far. Even though I cooked 4 batches of Pecan Pralines, 3 batches of Oatmeal cookies, 3 of chocolate chip and a Macadamia.. I went to visit my son in California and did most of the cooking there. I just kept on track with my meals and I even treated myself to a pinch of fudge. And I do mean a pinch. I hope your holiday has gone well for you. Has your hubby gotten any relief at all for his stomach?
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    Thanks for checking on me. All has been well. I've actually cooked 2 big family meals and had a pizza night when visited by 3 of our adult kids and their family. Today was tamales (homemade by a daughter), Mexican rice and homemade chili... One of our family favorite meals. I have to admit that today I would have given a kidney to have one of those tamales! LOL. I opted instead for a small bowl of cream soup.

    How about you Debbie? I'm really looking forward to getting thinner in 2013 and buying a new wardrobe!!!
  9. Thank you so much for checking! I was having the toughest time getting back into this website. It would never load.

    The Upper GI showed no leaks (thank God) and also showed acid reflux. I could actually see that myself. We met with the hernia surgeon the next day and finally got the JP drain and the stitches out!! She prescribed Protonix for him until we meet with the sleeve surgeon next Wednesday. I read so much online about it being the miracle drug for people and it made him almost instantly sick and throw up. So we are still fighting the same fight. The hernias dr said the sleeve dr was an expert on helping with the acid reflux. He may need to go in and "tweak" the opening to the stomach. She said it's healed enough now to allow. But we wait and see and in the mean time he's still miserable. He's lost a total of 85 pounds since the preop diet.
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    Hi, was wondering how your husband's upper GI investigation went? Hope you're starting to get some answers - do come back and let us know.
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    Thank you Debbie! I love that I can look back at those videos for motivation! Glad I can motivate others as well.

    I have been overweight for a while now, and always fought going to the "surgery extreme"...I was absolutely convinced that I could do it myself...until I realized I couldn't (yo-yo...could never keep it off for long). I never EVER wanted a lap band ( I don't like the idea of something foreign staying in my body or the idea of fills), and didn't want bypass because of the re-routing of everything. I finally was desperate enough to look into lapband surgery, and voila, I found the sleeve! I had no idea it existed and I still don't hear much about it, surprisingly, because I think it is AMAZING! I have no problems as long as I don't overeat (then I have to throw up or be very uncomfortable). So, that's why I chose the sleeve. Why are they not offering it for you, since your hubby had it done, I am assuming, with the same insurance? I had mine done in Mexico.
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    I have actually had 2 followup appointments they have gone well. My next one is in January. I am hoping that I am at 100 lbs lost by then. I am getting close. I told my husband I want to do a zipline when I hit that goal. They have one in East Texas that I read about so that is the plan. I am super scared but also excited. So how are things for you and the hubby going. I read your last post about the whole bypass/lapband. I am sad for you. I thought those 2 options were just scary. Is there no way to talk to your insurance co. about reconsidering on the sleeve? I think if they will revisit the options and do a bit of research they will see it is a much healthier, safer option in the long run. I don't understand what difference it makes to them. Does it cost more? I wouldn't think it does. Anyway, you gotta do whatever they want I guess. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    Thanks Debbie! The change in eating does get easier each month and you'll be so glad you had to go through that part first. We will keep in touch!
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    If you had a colonoscopy in the last 5 years, you shouldn't have to do it again. I have sleep apnea, so yes I had to bring my Cpap for after surgery. I never had a drain. I was really surprised to hear how many people have had them. I just assumed it depends on the Dr. Who did your husband's surgery? Pilcher or someone else? Good luck Thursday. Do plan on spending the 3 hours they tell you it will take. Bring a magazine or book to read while ya wait in between the different people you will see.
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    Welcome to the wonderful journey of sleeve surgery.....amazing weightloss in store for your future.
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