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    Hey Tinman, I am trying to find where you talk about getting over a stall and never have one again. One of your posts said to check out your profile for that information. Where should I be looking?
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    Hi Tinman, I have read several of your posts and would like some clarification if you don't mind. I see your opinion is that your sleeve won't let you eat more than what it needs, but then you also state that you should never, never, never over-eat. How do you differentiate between giving your body what it wants and overeating? Do you believe in simple carb addiction? How do you get around that? Over the holidays I ate a cookie, and then spent the rest of the holidays obsessing about how much I wanted more cookies. I am a little confused.
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    Hi tinman. I wanted to say that I always enjoy your posts; your theories and mine are very similar. You're almost exactly a year in front of me, and I hope to be as happy and well adjusted as you are by that time. You're often the voice of reason, and I for one appreciate that.
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    Thank you tinman....I always love your posts....Thanks for taking time to respond to mine
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    Tinman, now that I've been sleeved, I really believe, like you, that the sleeve allows us portion control. I don't think anyone should believe that they can live a no carb, fat-free, sugar-free existence for life. I firmly believe in letting the sleeve do its job and making good decisions regarding food. I definitely don't plan on denying myself for the rest of my life!
  6. Hev...thanks for taking the time to write. I have been very busy these last couple of days. I am glad your experience with the local surgeon fit your expectations. The thing that just baffles me is that the local guys make their patients jump through so many hoops, and then put so many rules and fears into folks that it's ridiculous. At the end of the day, most are just like you. They find out that the key to success is to take ownership early and learn to listen to your body. Most could avoid the heart ache all together if they just went the self pay route and took control from the beginning. I understand that most of the time, folks just don't understand the process and are most willing to follow the rules. I feel like it's my responsibility to illuminate alternatives and for those who are willing to open their minds and learn a little, then maybe I have shown them an easier and more expeditious means to an end.

    Your story is a good example of what I have been trying to preach. The quicker you take ownership, the quicker the weight comes off. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will have to take ownership at some point in time, so why wait?

    Your weight loss is very, very good and it sounds like you have hit on the key. As for me, I couldn't be happier. I hit my goal weight back in the end of July 2013 and I have been one or two pounds above and below that weight for the last six months.
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    Just was on someone else's page leaving a message and read your words about the nutritionist I absolutely agree with you mine was useless.. My surgeons office has been brilliant and that's what you get not going to Mexico. ...but that being said i found the before surgery support from the nutristionist re what to eat was very good but the what to do afterwards was not very clear at all. and like you I I am doing my own thing.. I am craving vegetables and so I am eating them I realise we need protein but if I want something else I eat it..so how do you find life with your sleeve this far out? I am 6 months out and 78 pounds gone feeling really good. Hope you don't mind me writing to you. Just found your post interesting.
    All the best Hev
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    Did u get my email?
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    Congratulations! You look wonderful! Excellent job!
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    I always enjoy your posts. You give such great no nonsense information. Thank you for sharing your experiences and congratulations on your success! Kathy
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    Hey! I just wanted to say congratulations on such great weight loss so far. You have done awesome and become a major inspiration.
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    Hi there! Just wanted to congratulate you on your loss so far! May I ask how much you lost prior to surgery?
  13. Hi and thanks for writing. You are the second person in as many days who has written saying that their doctor wanted to do the DS vs. the VSG. I was 530 lbs when I had the sleeve done. However, my BMI was a lot lower than most men my size.

    I am an old broken down football player and I still am very muscular even though it was all covered up with fat. So, my BMI was lower than most. I really think that was a mitigating factor in my doctors decision. I had my surgery done by Dr. Almanza in Tijuana Mexico and didn't have a single problem or regret. I am continuing to lose weight.

    I do tend to stall more often than I would like, but I always get back on the losing side quickly enough. The DS is a very good procedure too and if that's what your surgeon suggests, then it might be best.

    Good luck to you and please follow through with what ever option you choose. You'll never believe the difference.
  14. Hello. I noticed you were on the larger side as I am, 450lbs. My surgeon believes the duodenal switch would be the best option for someone so large, but you seem to have had great success with the sleeve. Is you weight loss continuing? Are you happy with the results?
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    hi tinman
    my surgery is coming up on the 6.11.2012, iam currently on optifast 4 week prior to opt, going well and off the diet coke, you have done amazingly well. congratulation on your weight loss....
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