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    Hi Tinman, I'm hoping you have a little time for some guidance for me....gastric sleeve op was 26days ago and I'm roughly the same weight as the op day! I'm eating little, as directed, fish, chicken, little veg, but not moving much in lbs! You seem to be the one that gives good advice so hoping you could help with your knowledge please?
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    definitely doable.... KFC here I come!
  3. I advocate increasing all carbs. Your body burns the sugary carbs first because they are lowest in protein. The other carbs have protein and your body will burn them, but, it takes more effort. So, the low hanging fruit is what gets plucked. So, when increasing carbs, you need to pay attention to how you deliver them. Your body needs fat as well as carbs for fuel. So, why not give it a two for one? Fried chicken or chicken fried steak is a perfect example of all three items that you need wrapped up in one food. Go buy some breaded chicken wings. You'll probably only three or four, but, you'll get carbs, fat, protein and full.

    Win Win
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    Dumb question--- when you say increase carbs...are you talking about cake, cookies and ice cream or fruits, veggies and grains?
    OH, and Happy Easter if you celebrate!
  5. Wow....I really appreciate you doing that. I guess I'll go take a look and see how well received my old musings are.....lol.
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    Tinman, in the process of clearing memory for my ipad, I came across several pages of comments from various people that I took from the forum. In the beginning I was hanging on every word! I just reposted a couple of the postings and I hope you don't mind. The forum seems sort of dry and lacking in this type of advice for the new people right now. It sure helped me. Thanks!
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    Hey, I've been on this forum now for a couple of months and I think this is the first time I've actually encountered you. (maybe not). Good "been there done that" advice for people. I appreciate that! You talked in a couple of posts about "4 pillars" (hydration, food intake, exercise and vitamins) in regards to stopping (hurrying along) stalls. You have any posts you can point me to that talk specifically about that?

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    Hey, just checking in and seeing how your doing, I got a new phone in Jan and I lost ur email. I've been like a pound a week, scale hasn't gone up but it's just lingering. *sigh* hoping it doesn't stay this way or it'll take me forever to drop the last 55pounds. how are you doing?
  9. Hello Tinman,
    I am newly sleeved on New Years eve and I have done alot of reading on this forum, but still get conflicting information which is to be expected. I would like YOUR Help. I had no pre-op diet and my start weight was 242 which I hear people say is "lightweight" for WLS. I have lost 25 pounds to date which im thrilled but Im also afraid, because I eat whatever I want only small amounts. And I think I saw a post from you stating you did the same.. I paid cash for my surgery here in Dallas Texas and it wasnt cheap. I just want to succeed. Am I putting it all at risk by eating half a cup of spaghetti with my family or whatever I cook for them? My email is jennifer.burt@eqdepot.com look forward to listening to what you have to say. Thanks
  10. Thank you Green....I am not offended at all when folks take exception to my opinions. In fact, most times I am able to learn something new when I engage in a back and forth. It's refreshing to see and read other ways for folks to succeed with the sleeve. I hope you get the procedure soon and please feel free to reach out anytime should you need to.
  11. Robert the Tin Man,
    I haven't had surgery yet so I very much enjoy your thought out posts and look forward to you being around after I am sleeved. There will always be thin skinned, easily offended members. Please let this roll off your back. As you can see from all the new posts, you are a valued member.
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    New here! I have been reading different posts about stalls and I'm a little confused...
    Surgery 12/30/14@255lbs Jan 17- 230lbs went for my post op checkup and was 228. almost 2 weeks where I really didn't loose much at all.I was under the impression that during the first month the weight drops quick and slows down from there. It might sound stupid but if I slow down from here I won't hit my goal. I admit I am impatient so I want what I want now but I know I won't hit my goal for a year or more. Anyway, here is my day
    morning- s/f carnation instant breakfast
    1/2low fat yogurt
    lunch-3 pieces of cheese
    afternoon- carnation shake
    dinner- maybe 1/4cup of chicken. Probably a little less.
    evening- weight watchers popcicle
    I do water in between. I know I'm not getting 64oz of water. Probably 36oz. I'm not hitting 70-80g of protien either. Again I'm in the 30's. I KNOW I need to drop the carnation shakes but I can't afford to buy more protien powder (stupid me bought two huge tubs before surgery and it's gross) unless I know I'll use it. Carnation only give 13g. OK so I guess my question is do you know what I can do to get the Damn scale moving? I started doing excercise this past week. First 20min, then 35min and yesterday I did 5min on the stairmaster machine I have. It's too cold to walk (I'd have to take my son unless I go at night) I do stair master every other day. if you can give me some tips that's would be great! either on here or teri1105@icloud.com
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    Hello. I need your help. I've gained 13lbs since my sleeve in 2012. I initially was 196 before sleeve, then after 138lbs, now I'm 146lbs. I have no discipline. Soo discouraged. Thank you dprice9467@yahoo.com
  14. I emailed you from my personal email address. Be sure to look in your spam folder in case yahoo decides I'm a spammer....lol
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    Yes I would like your help. My email is erica_wootton@yahoo.com. Just let me know what u need to know to help get this last 30-40lbs off me! Thanks!
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