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    I am getting them once a week, and its really up to you on how long you want to continue them. Good luck
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    Hi Blan,

    Did you go to Haiti on a mission trip? Or do you have family there? Me and my wife were just talking about going on a mission trip there with our church this summer. Glad to hear that you are doing well :*)

    Take care, Stephen
  3. OOOH! Ahhhh! You are in Onderland!!!! I bow to you, and I can't wait to join you! I understand your "I'm fat everywhere." My sister we are like that. We lack a warning system, like and explodingly fat behind. Weight just comes on us in even layers, like a dipped candle being made. We just keep gaining and it sneaks up on us. One day, we look in the mirror and say, OMG! I am FAT! ( Well, not me anymore!)
    Isn't the coolest how the weight keeps coming off?!
  4. Hi Blan!

    Thanks for leaving me a message in my blog! Your stories about your ESOL students made my day! I went downstairs and shared them with my husband

    Isn't it the most fun to have a cheering squad of students?! My seniors have decided that I will have reached my goal weight by graduation. They are insisting that I wear THE red dress to it. That's how I told them that they'd know that I reached goal... THE red dress.

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    Hi Blan,

    I have been meaning to write you back to tel you THANK YOU again for all of your advice, It really helped me get prepared for the trip. Especially the tip about the extension cord, I went out and bought me a 9 foot standard one that worked perfectly at the hotel. I could not believe they did not have an electrical outlet next to your bed. I sleep with a CPAP machine and I would had been sleeping on the floor by the window without that extension cord LOL... Also your tip on packing warm clothes and a heating pad WAS GREAT TOO!! I would have been extremely uncomfortable with out them both. In fact I have been cold ever since surgery LOL.. Im dropping the weight fast, 24lbs in 15 days and I am already eating some solid foods. I have been watching for your updates and I see you are doing fantastic as well!

    Take care, Stephen Wallace
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    ok...thanks. I got signed up. My screen name is jenmal828. I'll put you in mine. So far today, I have taken in 85 calories with my coffee, lol. Thanks! Let's see how this works. It looks like it will be helpful!
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    what do you have to type in EXACTLY? I am getting different things, depending on if I type in fitnesspal or myfitnesspal...neither pulls up an exact. Which are you on?
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    Thanks for your kind words. Splenda is evil. I can't have anything with it, it does something funky to my insides probably allot like dumping syndrome.
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    ok... I'm gonna sign up for Fitnesspal today and see if it helps.
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    Yeah, if you read my blog...I mentioned what happened while we were there. I was able to meet Livndeadgirl, JohnMisty, and Louis (can't remember his screen name). It was surreal. I have a video of us riding backwards on a golf cart driven by a bell hop to the store. We saw a group of police officers in the middle of the square...I waived and said HOLA. They waived back. It was funny. No, they were not eating donuts...LOL
    Overall, we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves. I can't believe how time went by so fast.

    The hardest thing for me is drinking and eating slowly. This is something I'm working on hard and hopefully will get it down. Do you have any suggestions?
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    Hi Blan! How are things going...now your the senior one being sleeved two months now. Whew...had a hard time the night that I had my surgery...but got over it and doing better. I hope you're doing well!
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    Oh thanks... I will. Otherwise, keeping tracki is a task that feels too bothersome. I believe you will hit under 200 in the next two weeks.
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    I'd just love to move down. I made it down to ***, then I will go up and down from there to 222. Ridiculous. I was off to a nice start....8 pounds in the first week and then the other 12 in the second. This third week is up, down, stall. I don't know if I'm eating wrong or what...but I need it to change. I am trying to read what others are eating, but there is soooo much to wade through. grrrrr. I don't really crave carbs, but then I don't really desire to eat much during the day. I KNOW I am not getting enough protein and have no idea how many calories. sigh...
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    Hey Blan, Just seeing how you're doing. I hope well. I am stalled right now, but I guess that too, shall pass.
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    Hi Blan, I am on myfitnesspal... I really like keeping track of what I eat, it helps me see what exactly I am doing right or wrong. I have started drinking a protein shake from Bariatric Advantage every morning in hopes that will make the scale move again but we will see. Do you have problems feeling sick after eatting? I have felt sick off and on after eatting and I dont even stuff myself so I will be mentionig it to my doc on the 17th.. I have enjoyed a couple of smaller pieces of chocolates at work but nothing like I used to eat, I seem to have more control over what I eat now.. I just want this to continue... So you live in Chicago? When do you go to Hatti? Well keep me posted...
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Neck Lift Procedure

by Blan on 03-03-2013 at 08:10 AM
I would love to get a neck lift and a facial contour procedure done. In the US it's too costly. Who went to Mexico and which doctor did you use? How was your experience with the surgery? I'd love to find out more. I have no trouble going to Mexico for surgery

Thank God For Men Of Color!

by Blan on 01-27-2013 at 04:46 PM
So I have this conversation with my doctor about my diabetes and how to keep it under control. She tells me, "No white flour, no white sugar, no white potatoes, no white rice, no white anything ..." and I look at her and say, "Thank God my husband isn't white!" LOL

Medical Tax Deductions

by Blan on 01-21-2013 at 11:13 AM
Hey everyone! I know the surgery expenses are tax deductible but I had no idea all these other expenses were too ... like travel and boarding. Check out the IRS booklet. Oh, and please don't ask me any tax questions. I'm just as clueless as most of America is ... LOL ... that's why I did a Google search

B-12 Injections / lipotropic injections

by Blan on 01-12-2013 at 05:36 PM
I saw someone post a message about Vitamin B injections. I just got this Groupon in my mailbox. What do you think? Does this work?

B12 Injections
Fat-burning injections support a healthy liver, increase metabolism, and assist with digestion.
Known as fat-burning injections, the lipotropic shots support liver health by flushing out fat while vitamin B12 supplies a boost of energy and an uptick in metabolism. B12 also aids digestion, particularly when it comes

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Updated 01-12-2013 at 05:47 PM by Blan


Just venting - nothing to do with surgery

by Blan on 01-11-2013 at 05:01 PM
I cannot believe how messed up my insurance is. I already know that they don;t pay for anything that will actually improve your health, just pills and more pills. It doen't actually have to do with the health insurance itself but the rider my work, one of the biggest companies in the State, put on it. They dont pay for bariatric surgery. Ok, I already knew that; that's why I paid for it in Mexico but I just found out that they do not pay for diabetic counseling!!! Can you believe that??? That is

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