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    HI Red. Things are going well. 83 lbs down, heading for plastics in early December. All in all pretty good. What about you? What's your story? Have you had your surgery? Are you booked? Where are you at weight wise? Hope all's going well.
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    I am. The thought of a lap-band makes me queasy! I like that the sleeve doesn't involve malabsorption, and that the part of the stomach that makes ghrelin is removed. Glad to get rid of one of the hormones that tell me I'm hungry! How about you?
  3. Well took the wife and kids out for a meal in the pub looking at the menu all i was thinking can't eat that so played safe had soup!.
    When i am up to speed on solids looking looking at the portion size all i will ever have is a starter.....
  4. Hahahah patty thats funny my patient coordinator is a chocoholic she did the same as your hubby when i told her where i work.
    went to see my surgeon yesterday he was happy with the way things are going and my weight loss todate i have to visit the dietitian next week for the first time i have spoke to them on the phone but will be good to meet face to face.
  5. *LAUGHING* I told my husband that you have worked for Cadbury's for 18 years. He got this faraway look in his eyes. The same one that Homer Spimpson gets when he thinks of donnuts... I get what you mean about being put off by the chocolate.
  6. Cadbury's! Boy, that's funny! Thanks for the note. I enjoyed hearing from you.

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    No not had the surgery yet, but it's getting closer.
    Still have total moments of panic when I wonder what I'm doing, but then I calm down and remember how much better things will be. It also helps that my husband is very supportive and keeps reminding me of all the things we will be able to do together.
    Have you had your surgery yet?
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    Heya - how long ago did you have your surgery, and how's it all going?
  9. Thanks for asking! My new life is amazing. Sometimes there are challenges, but I have always been one who rises to challenges. Figuring out just how and what to eat was the biggest issue. Even with lists of what to eat,not everything agreed with me. That is getting better. Imagine that! Me eating like a tiny birdie. Instead of eating too much, sometimes I worry about not eating enough. Then I eat one more little nibble and I think I will explode.

    Enough of that! The payoff is mind blowing! Weight is falling off. Heck! My clothes are falling off! My energy level is like back when I was a teen! I feel this fantastic sense of well-being! I never get those awful hunger headaches. My husband is so pleased to see me do happy. He has never known me as anything but fat. He loves me so much just as I was but he is having fun discovering the new me, and he is thrilled that I am so happy.

    I am a teacher at a small private school. There is no way I could keep my surgery under wraps. My teenage students love me and they are thrilled to see me changing before their eyes. The staff is celebrating with me. Every step of the way.

    My only regret is not doing this sooner. I am so happy and feeling healthier every day.

    Kindest Regards,

    Patty aka OOOWEEBABY!
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    Your welcome and thank you.
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    No, I'm doing fine - they keep you in 3 nights as routine here - I could have gone home today if I wanted to, but hubby was doing a 12 hour day shift, so it's tomorrow morning. Incision pain the only thing I'm still experiencing - to be expected, and on a good pain management regime. Thanks for asking. Glad you're doing well.
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    I'm doing great! I'm down 58 lbs and have more energy that I've had in 28 years! How are you doing?
  13. Well nov 19th will soon be here! liquid diet remember it well i started well then 5 days in found it hard i just stuck with it the 2 weeks soon went.
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    Oh sorry about that, but yeah I'm already scheduled for my surgery, Nov 19, getting really anxious and just overall excited. Kind of want to start my liquid diet already for some odd reason
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    Im fine thanks-a choclate maker!!! Oh dear..how do you do it!!
    Im fine thanks-im still waiting for a letter from the hospital with my date for the pre op diet,
    due soon enough-will pass out most likely when i see the date.bit nervous to be honest even thou ive had 18mths to think about it all...still!!
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