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    Thanks for the update! Awesome to hear from you. My tummy tuck cost me $7.5K USD in Wisconsin. The quotes in Mexico were around $5K, I liked Cardenas the best when I got quotes there. Much cheaper in Wisconsin than Canada though. I am still running too, finished my first full marathon (26.2 miles) in May. It was tough but a blast. I'm so glad I did it. Say 'Hi' to everyone! You guys did so great and I'm happy to see that. I still can't believe we were all in that little hospital in TJ and boy have our lives changed since then.
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    We missed our sleeve-aversaries! I hope all is going well up in Canada for the sleeve trio. Doing well here, in maintenance mode now. Down to 165-170, depending upon the day and my hydration status. I had a tummy tuck ("extended abdominoplasty") in October to get rid of excess skin. That sucker was brutal, much tougher recovery than the sleeve but it's really starting to look good. I had that done locally in Wisconsin, no way I could have traveled after plastics. Hope all is going well with you guys.
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    How's it going for my northern in-patient buddies? Tell Garry and Huguette I said 'Hi'. I'm down 83# since the day of surgery (88# since pre-op) so I'm getting close to goal. I can eat like 8-12 ounces of food now so a big chunk of it now is making good choices, enjoying the fact that my hunger hormones don't control me anymore and letting the restriction kick in when I need to. GERD (acid) is better, only 1-2 pills per day which is much better. Hope it continues to get better. I put recent pics in the "Before and After Photos" tab on my profile -- I ran an 8K (~5 mile) race a few weekends ago. I love my sleeve but it has definitely been a process to learn new habits, accept the changes and make sure I properly nourish myself with the limited capacity. I hope it's going great for you guys.
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    Hey - how's it going for the Sleeve Trio up in Canada? I hope it's all going great. I'm down 42# from the day of surgery and 46# from pre-op, so I'm pretty happy with that. I eat a lot more than most people, wonder if Dr. Garcia made mine a bit bigger or something. Still, I usually eat less than 1,200 calories per day and get a ton of protein in. I'm working out a lot too and that helps and makes me feel good. I am struggling a bit with the GERD (acid) but doubling the meds seems to have fixed that. I had these awful lumps in my throat with it. Let me know how it's going and wishing you the best.
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    I think they said 50-70 grams of protein during the first 3 weeks. I'm taking some supplements so I get a bit more in. Liquids definitely feel a lot better going down still and yes, food is lasting forever with me. I'm going to save enough on food in the next year to pay for my surgery. Take care!
  6. Hi. Yes everything is pretty good. I am still tired but good. Garry and Huguette are doing even better then me. Garry has lost 33lbs I've lost 23 and Huguette has lost 18 I think. Getting this eating thing down is a bit of a procedure. I ate a mashed hard boiled egg too fast yesterday and WOW I hope I never do that again. It sat as a lump for quite a while. Not a good feeling. I keep preparing too large of servings and end up with lots left over. Trial and error I suppose. Hey how much protein did they tell you to eat per day?
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    I'm slowly settling into normal. How about you? The amount I lost last week was unreal. Are you on MyFitnessPal? Helping me track things so well. Hope it's going great for all of you!
  8. It sounds just like mine. You are good to go!!
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    It's healed over but it looks like a weird divot and I hope that's normal. I'll remove that bandage in the morning and be glad to never see it again!
  10. A week. It is healed over isn't it?
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    How long am I supposed to keep this drain site covered for with the bandages and tape? I forgot when they told me at discharge.
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    Glad to hear you are moving on to full liquids! I cheated and started those a few days ago without an issue. I was paranoid about getting my protein in. I'm really starting to feel almost normal although I wish this drain wound would look more normal. The acid (GERD) is getting better for me, hopefully for you too. I find when I have it, that if I put something in my tummy it helps. It does feel like I'm eating and drinking all day and then I end up with 600-700 calories. So unreal. It's like mid 20's here so I keep taking the dog for long walks and he loves it because he's got a winter coat and I know it's good for me too. I hope you are all healing well and keep me posted!
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    That's a great month! I'm down 22#, but 11# has been since the surgery which seems unreal to me in just a week's time.

    I started sleeping better 2 days after being home. Hang in there with that, a sleep aid doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.
  14. It's going ok. I started a little bit of full liquids yesterday. I had pudding and a protein drink. Wow was that filling!!! How was the cottage cheese? I am tired too actually. Still not sleeping. I might have to pick up a sleep aid if things don't improve right quick here. I have found that I can take two full sips one right after another without discomfort. That was nice to find out. How many lbs are you down? I am down 20. Garry is down 25 his Mom is down 16. All in all a good month I would say!!!


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    How's it going? I've progressed to the full liquids a bit early and have some cottage cheese too. I'm a bit tired but I'm doing OK.
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