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    I just wanted to say thank you. A post you made 4 years ago was really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    "I have not yet been able to flip the mental switch from "I can't have..." to "I can have...". I can certainly feel and see the 30lbs gone in 3wks. I have used food (usually carb-filled) for an emotional crutch for decades. I can't hardly eat much at all now, but my mind still craves my favorite things. I wish I could tell myself, and any of you, some sort of magical mantra to let go of my food addiction. I keep trying to tell myself that I love myself and my future more than I love to eat."
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    Aloha Rachel!

    Mahalo for your reply! I really have found comfort in this forum, more than any other type of support near or far. It's awesome to see absolutely beautiful people like yourself being positive and confident with your journey. I have four sons and a husband at home and have transferred my culinary passion to them. Since coming home from the hospital, I'm cooking healthy meals for them and eliminating any processed/junk/crappy food from the house. They don't seem to mind, because they know they don't ever want to go through what I've experienced in the past couple of weeks.

    As for me, food is truly quality over quantity at this point. I found the best (I know its packaged) truffle mashed potatoes out there which is perfect for this stage. I'm also Hawaiian, so poi (mashed taro root) is a life-saver for me. My goal for Valentine's day is to have homemade gnocchi with a lowfat snowcrab yogurt cream sauce...even if 1/4 C, I'll be happy =) I want to enjoy every bite and not waste my jaw muscles or stomach space on junk.

    Mahalo again for your support! Liana
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    I did a ton of research before my surgery and especially here on the forum. I often felt that your comments were the most calming of them all. As a former chef, I struggled with the though of not being the "foodie" I want to be, but knowing that you're inspiring even when faced with all that cake everyday made me rest assured. Mahalo!
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    Wow you look amazing, Thank you for posting your before and after pictures. You look like a completely different (younger) person. Keep up the good work.
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    You are so inspiring. Your starting weight and goal weight are similar to my own and this really helped me stay on the horse!
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    Thanks, feeling really good. I have tired days a lot but that is normal for me. Everything falling off as planned, I have to make myself eat! I don't want anything at all...lol But what has really surprised me is the bladder fix that has happened, for 17 years my bladder did not work. On 4 different meds, had 2 surgeries with botox. And this surgery all is fixed!! I don't know what he did and was well aware of my problem so next week when I see him that is on the list to ask...lol I spent $250-300 a month for pads, night wear and that adds up over the years! insurance doesn't pay that.
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    I'm not feeling I'm doing any good. My liquid faze is over and Yesterday I was to begin pureed food or flaky white fish. I tried bronzino and flounder. After about 2 or 3 bites I felt like a pressure in my stomach somewhat a pain. I din't know if that is full or what. Last night extreme constipation (opps TMI) I know everyone goes thru it. I took Magnesium Citrate liquid and felt really sick. Slept today till 1:30 pm. I feel very tired and no energy. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself.... I feel hungry, I think...Only feel like having broth. I am very worried I'm not getting enough protein or calories. Are we supposed to have about 600 cals and 60 grams of Protein? I do have the Muscle Milk light.
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    Hello i thought i would say Hi as i had my surgery in Knoxville Tennessee.
    you look like you have done really well. You look just great..i know you have to be feeling good. I feel so good. How are you finding it almost a year out? have you any nuggets of information that you think would help to know? i am 6 months out and 78 pounds down and at 169 feeling good. its a lot slower now but then i expect the closer you get to being a normal size i imagine it does slow down.
    Happy New year All the best Hev
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    Thank you it means a lot!!! I feel fantastic!!! My family are all on board now with being supportive. They're all really happy for me I think. Took my measurements last night for the first time since surgery & I've lost 17.5 inches!!!!! I was estatic!!!!! Can't wait to tell my surgeon when I see him on tues. Hope he'll be happy w/ my progress.
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    just wanted to say Hi! and tell you that you look absolutely amazing!!! You are an inspiration to me to do as well!
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    You look FANTASTIC!!!!
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    Thanks. I live in Knoxville.
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    Wow! You are an inspiration!!!
  14. Beautiful! Great job!
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    Wow you look great congrats!!!!
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New body (parts)

by BigDogMom on 01-21-2014 at 06:02 PM
I am so very thankful for what I have been able to accomplish since having my sleeve. The weight came off slowly but steadily, and I've kept it off for over a year. Keep in mind though, I have implemented some very strict food guidelines in my life. I've been really careful, and thoughtful about what I'm eating and why. (The why part was definitely new.) I weigh out my portions. I make myself eat really slow. And if I'm not actually hungry, maybe just bored, I'll go find something to do other than

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Victorious and fashionable!

by BigDogMom on 12-02-2013 at 03:55 PM
I have to brag a little about a non-scale victory I had recently. I was already pretty heavy when the "decorated butt" jeans became so popular. In fact, the last pair of jeans I purchased prior to surgery was a size 22. After those got too tight, I gave up and just lived in yoga pants. In the last 13 months since surgery, I have had to cycle through several shrinking sizes. About a month ago I bought myself a fancy pair of Miss Me jeans, in a size 8! They are fitting more loose these days,

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Protein pros and cons

by BigDogMom on 01-28-2013 at 03:35 AM
Before I had my surgery on 11/08/2012, I felt like I had done all this good research on the "ideal" protein supplements to have. Crunching numbers and weighing out the options started as an easy task. However, once I got into the vast expanse of available nutrition supplements, the amount of information I found was daunting, to say the least.
I wanted to share with everybody what I've learned and tried along the way.

1. Isopure Zero Carb, creamy vanilla... (Rating

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