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    Hi I am in your area having surgery by Dr. Almanza also can you tell me about your experience before and after and what should I be doing now so close to my date.
  2. Its now 4 weeks out, down 22 pounds, a third of the way to my goal..... whoohoo!
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    Hi there. I'm a newbie from Vegas. Also a nurse. My surgery in 3-4 weeks. How are you doing? Where do you work? I'm a charge RN at St. rose Siena. Not telling anyone about the surgery. If you want a buddy let me know. Thanks
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    I am doing great! I am so happy to hear you are doing good too! Yes, the fluids are hard. I am just now, it the past 3-4 days able to do more per hour. Although, I still have "bad" days where I just can't seem to get them all in. Just sip, sip, sip. I am not hungry, ever, and I just crave water so getting all my protein in takes a lot of will I am still mostly on a liquid diet and can't wait to advance to soft foods next week. Walking and warm fluids will do the best with the gas. Move as much as you can. Warm herbal tea really helped me. I am so happy to hear your co workers that know are being supportive, makes it so much easier! Take it easy, get rest at home when you can. Doesn't feel great to be on he "sleeved" side now and have most the unknown's behind ya!!
  5. Hope you are all doing well! I will be there in 10 days, and looks like all my questions have been answered,burt one thing remains: anxiety! I think I have put on wheight after i schedueled my Surgery date! At times sounds like I am saying 'good bye' to food! It's awful!
  6. Work went great. I'm feeling good. Ordered those vitamins you recommended. Finding I hard to get enough fluids in, will that improve in the following weeks? Still have a swollen belly and I'm figuring out a lot of gas. The gas X strips say to take 2-4 strips at a time and not more than 8 a day so I think I'll be needing something else. I hesitantly told one of the docs at today what I'd had done and to my surprise he was very supportive, didn't judge me one bit. He too struggled with obesity, not morbidly so but he knows the struggle. I'd forgotten we added 3 MITs that we are training to room clinic patients so my work will be easy peasy until we are in the new hospital which is still a couple months away.

    How are you???
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    Just checking in to see how you are doing???? Back to work today?? How are you feeling? How did surgery go??
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    Thank you, I will let you know who things go!
  9. 5 days post op, 10 pounds down, water weight I'm sure. I was out grocery shopping, got my car washed, with assistance. I'm not sure what all the gas pain is about, I have hiccup/belch pain but I'm not convinced that gas X helps with that. I had a little relapse after trying some baby food threw that up and it took about 20 hrs for my stomach to calm down. I'm hoping to go back to work in 2 days. As long as I keep my hydration up and get some protein I think I'll be alright. I was quite shocked to be sent home with pulls for antibiotic and pain management as well as milk of magnesia. Liquids, patches, sublingual, suppositories would have been much better. I was also greatly alarmed by the lack of English speaking personnel and unanswered before being abruptly put under. I'm not convinced that items are single use as I saw them submerged in solution and the room not even prepped as I entered. All I keep thinking is thank God for antibiotics and pray the really nasty things were appropriately decontaminated, I guess time will tell, I sure hope I don't regret this. The staff was attentive to making sure we got our meds and IV and were friendly. The roads are rough so the travel was not so comfortable at times.
  10. Day one was a little ruff, didn't realize I was to stay at the surgery center away from my honey but it was fine. The hotel Ticuan is really nice for your guests, the food downstairs is amazing. It was my pleasure to pick out meals for my companion. Day two was pretty good too, returned to clinic for IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-nausea meds and anti-inflammatory meds. Day three was a rough morning, I was dehydrated and undernourished. Leak test this morning with nasty stuff to drink, I passed so now onto Jello! had jello, broth, juice and rested a couple hours, leaving me feeling like a new woman. This evening they removed my drain and IV port, more broth and juice and some shopping! Taking the 11am shuttle out tomorrow and driving back to Vegas. All in all, things are well.
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    Congrats VegasRNmom, Hopefloatsup, KailanRN, Cketelsen, SecretSleeve, & Laural, and all sleevers,
    this is my first time with this forum and feel comfortable we are all nurses. My sister recently had the GS and I'm looking to have the procedure done in December. The part I am nervous about it that have difficulty with portion control. When I was on appetite suppresants, I did well. I recently found out that I have prolonged QT interval syndrome and no longer can use suppressants, hence am not able to keep the weight off. I too have PCOS, HTN, truncal obesity, etc. I guess the part I am looking for is the excision of the ghrenlin producing site. I'll be keeping tabs on everyone. God Bless everyone.
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    Best of luck with your surgery, keep us posted!!
  13. Today's the day, heading downstairs to take the shuttle to the airport in 10 minutes. Stayed at the LaQuinta which is right by old town San Diego. Wish I'd actually come a half a day sooner to enjoy it more. Lots of shops and areas to walk around, good smells too, not too torturous! I can leave my car parked here too for only $10 a day and their shuttle will bring me back to the hotel when we return. I wish I had a scale to give my official pre sleeve weight but I'm sure they will let me know at the hospital.

    Any doubts I had about whether I should do this because I'm not heavier were relieved last night. My shorts kept riding up between my thighs and I had to adjust them about 40 times, this is one of my biggest embarrassments with my weight. I love warm weather, the beach, water of any source really. I saw plenty of thin people and plenty of fluffy people too. It boils down to this, I'm miserable, obesity is a family problem along with HTN, CHF, DM and my poor knees need a break from carrying this weight too! I deserve this, I'm worth it!
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    Good luck with your surgery tomorrow! Let us know how you are doing! I'm seeing Dr. Almanza on Friday!! WooHoo!
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    good luck with your surgery tomorrow!
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