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    Outstanding and great job!!!!!!
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    Just stopping by to say hi and that I'm thinking about you. How's it going?
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    Thank you! I just get a little nervous, but most of the time I KNOW this is the right thing for me.
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    Hi, I am using Dr Borland too. As my surgery date is getting closer and after getting so many questions about it, I'm getting a little nervous about staying in a hotel vs hospital. When I chose him I felt great about it, but now I'm scared I chose wrong. Did you experience any criticism about staying in a hotel? How did you handle it? Did you attend any classes about living with a sleeve? I would appreciate any advice or reassurances you have to offer! It looks like you are doing great!!!
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    You look fabulous by the way!!
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    Your progress is amazing, keep it up
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    Thanks!I eat a lot of turkey, fish, low-fat cheese, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts, protein shakes and I drink milk. I do eat whole grain pasta (I need the carbs to workout and and they are important for brain functioning) and from time to time I do eat bread. I also, indulge in salads but I load them up with protein sources.
  8. Hi, Merry Christmas to you & your family. Hope you have a wonderful day. Also hope you have a healthy, happy and successful new year, but that has already been taken care of with your surgery. How have you been doing?

    Not too bad here. Have had a couple of bad days. Mostly good days though. Have lost a total of 36# so far. In 7 more pounds I will be 1/2 way to the doctor's goal for me.

    Take care blessings to you and your daughter.

  9. Not too bad. Started back to work this week. Monday & today were a little touchy. Some proteins feel so heavy even though they aren't very much. I do prefer to sits for a little while before getting up after eating. Not that I feel like I'm going to upchuck, just too heavy. It's just tuna,fish,eggs,black bean soup.

    So how are you doing? Good I hope. Have lost a total of 30 pounds. I am very happy with that.
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    Thank you!
  11. Actually my doc did not say how much to eat or drink. He said to introduce one food at a time. Like one thing for breakfast, another for lunch etc. he likened it to when we were introducing foods to our babies. He asked me if I was staying hydrated. I told him that I checked my urine all the time and it is usually light. If it starts getting yellow or dark I increase my fluids. I have never been a big drinker but I am doing my best. Plus he said food-wise I would be able to eat about 1/3-1/2 cup. He said to stick with proteins and vegetables. He said if you stick with these foods there will be loss. Mostly cuz I asked him about popcorn. I saw that on one of the blogs so I thought I would ask. He said that after 6-8 wks popcorn was ok but it is not "a meal" and can lead to eating more non-meal foods and wt gain ( down the road). Not that I am a big popcorn eater because I pick out the hulls from my teeth for 6 mos. not worth the effort.

    I agree about food tasting good after liquids. I still would like a potato chip and pizza, but I am very happy with tuna
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    I don't know what I did but part of my message got deleted in the middle. I was saying you can get the individual serving packets for buy canisters which have about 17 servings and is less expensive that way.
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    You have to order it online at Unjury.com It is the highest quality Whey isolate protein and doesn't have any vitamins added to it so it doesn't have the nasty vitamin taste. They have a sample pack that includes 2 individual serving envelopes of each flavor. You can buy individual serving to up the protein in so you don't have to drink as many shakes. Shakes get old after a while. The only think is watch the temp of the liquid you put it in because if it is to hot the protein get a funny texture, so cook your soup and let it cool some before adding the protein. I drink a cup of the chicken flavor about every day instead of a shake, and being warm it feels good.
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    You were asking about getting protein in. So here is my 2 cents. I bought Unjury protein powders. Both the chicken flavored and the unflavored. I make a lot of homemade soups and use the chicken flavor instead of stock 21 gram protein per scoop makes 1 cup. Just add some canned chicken and soft cooked vegies. Feels good on my tummy. You could do the same with beef broth and the unflavored protein. It's good enough you could make a big pot and serve to the whole family. Hope you are doing well.
  15. Had 1st doctors visit. Everything went well. Got the food ok. My first meal was <1/3 cup of tuna salad (just mayo). Feel very full. But it was great. Just ad to let you know. How's it with you?
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