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  1. Sorry, that will put me at 15 lbs from my goal!
  2. I went for my three month check up today! The Dr. told me that Most people at three months out haven't lost the percentage of weight that I have lost. She said I was three months ahead of schedule. All this time I worried that I wasn't losing like I should be. She said to expect a 15 lb loss between now an the end of January. That will put me 20 lbs from my goal! WooHoo! I am pumped!
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    No it hasn't I have other people taste m food. I think I need to change my workout routine. I struggle more on taking my water and sometimes my protein. That's my answer right! I don't want to loose hope.
  4. Letezia, To be honest I don't feel like I am losing very quickly. I seem to have frequent stalls. I am also working out 5 days a week. It is a beachbody DVD called Chalean Extreme. I am in month two and it is whipping my tail!. I still struggle to get my fluids in, but try your hardest to drink all the fluids that you can. Did the Dr tell you to keep your protein around 80 grams? If I can help you anyway just give me a shout! Best of luck to you and thanks!
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    You look great please share some advice I'm struggling somewhat. Congrats
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    How are you doing was thinking and reading ,just thought I would pop in and see how things are going?
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    hey thanks for the good luck message...they moved my surgery to this week the 8th... doing the whole liquid diet but hanging in so far!!! Yes can't wait to feel like my old self again!!
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    Thanks for the kind words!
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    Thanks... I am with you. I keep telling myself it is getting better everyday. We will be healthier and wiser individuals for doing this. I am walking as much as possible and tomorrow I will seriously be walking to help with the gas and bloating. Good Luck! You can do this.
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    Hi, it looks like you're doing well. I'm doing well. So glad that it's over. I'm still sore and a little swollen, but for the most part everything is good. We'll have to stay in touch!
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    Just wanted to check on you and see how you are doing? Hope you are feeling well and getting your fluids in.
  12. Thanks I needed to hear that! Can't wait to see if I lose weight this next week!
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    my swelling is down every thing is going great i think my stitches are ready to be removed healing very fast i have lost about 5 pounds in 6 days they gave me alot of liquids too but the blowting is gone
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I have been obese for my whole adult life. I finally had my AHA moment at the beginning of the year. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So my journey to the rest of my life began on 7/31/12. The journey that began then will never end.
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6 month blood tests

by 4thefuture on 01-31-2013 at 09:49 AM
Do you ever feel like your body is at war with itself? Went in for my 6 month check-up. The Dr. is pleased with my weight loss and assures me that he feels my goal by my 1st anniversary is attainable despite the recent knee surgery and 6 pounds added back to my body (weight of the new knee). The weird thing is that my B12 is high as well as my ferritin levels, but my PTH level is low. The CBC w/differentials showed my neutrophils was low and my lymphs was high. He doesn't think that my tiredness

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It's been a while

by 4thefuture on 01-09-2013 at 10:40 AM
Hello everyone,
Just wanted to check in and say hi. Things have been crazy these past 5 months. I had to have my knee replaced on December 20th. Darn it the thing weighs 6 pounds. So I am at the weight I was before I had it replaced. Three surgeries in 5 months has taken a toll on my body....my hemoglobin was low after surgery so I had 2 pints of blood and it still is not at a normal level. This in turn has me feeling extreme tiredness and extreme sadness. I want to weep at the least little

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Thanksgiving Goals

by 4thefuture on 10-30-2012 at 06:19 PM
Hi everyone,
I have been thinking of what my goals are going to be for November...so here goes:

1. Hit the 160 lb mark. As of this morning I weigh 166.
2. Finish the Push month of Chalean Extreme and be two weeks into the Lean month.
3. Drink more water. (This has been a challenge for me from the beginning)
4. Log everything that I eat in to my fitness pal.
5. Would love to fit into a size 8 but I don't feel confident of that.
6.To make it

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by 4thefuture on 10-24-2012 at 04:44 PM
I have sleep apnea and since surgery I have felt that the pressure is to strong for me. I went to my Dr today and he told me to not wear it for a month and see how I feel. If I don't have symptoms of nedding it, then he will consider me cured! Woohoo, that was one of the things that I wanted to hear! Thank you Dr Scott for helping me break up with my CPAP!

Another Victory

by 4thefuture on 10-16-2012 at 08:43 PM
Ok, just for kicks I decided to try on a size 10 jeans. They fit! I was amazed because the scale is creeping along. I needed that to make me stay focused on my goals!

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