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  1. i love the sleeve, so good to hear from u ! im so glad to get rid of that ole band. it was killing me. im at 140, i want 130, but its ok if i stay this wt. hope all is well with u n family. i will just be glad when winter is over, looking forward to spring, for fishing, planting garden , small one. n then going to our fam reunion in june. i signed up to start working out at a gym, will start when im 8 weeks out , im almost 6 weeks out now. life is good. God is great!
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    You look great!!!!
  3. hi zmdh39 , i finally on the the sleeved side. i am 2 weeks post-op. so glad to get that ole gastric-band out & the sleeve done. i have no regrets, & im had a smooth surg, & enjoying my new tummy! how are you, would love to hear from u
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    I have a question after surgery, who took care of u if something happened. If u were to have a leak, who would have treated u?
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    Hee Hee, I like to change it because I love to show that curvy women can be sassy too. Whenever I find a new one, I am excited to put it up.
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    Thanks, I guess it pays for me to post only those pictures that don't show all my flaws.
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    I was reading one of your post regarding the cost of surgery and such. You mentioned the take home meds, im curious as to what meds they send patients home with and the cost. My surgery coordinator said everything except flight was included. My friend and I are scheduled on 12/5/14 very excited and nervous at the same time. TIA
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    Just read your 13 point post, I had to bookmark it! I will be using that a lot! Thank you!
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    Glad my words lifted you up. Just being honest though, you really do look great. You should be proud.
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    you look amazing. better every set of pics you post. well done.
  11. Ahh, those where some shots I had taken for my weight loss collect...my mind Still does register just how much I have lost sometimes. The makeup always looks like skittles when I have the time to wear makeup...I swear I would have born a rainbow if I could have been. The jewelry was a gift that was given to me when I conducted my first solo sets of investor meetings. My sons dad gave me the jewelry and told me now that I could handle investment meetings, I needed something fancy to wear to the signing parties in the future...that man has great taste when it come to dressing up a girl lol.
  12. Oh Ariel silks! They are on my to do list. Your profile pic looks like belly dancer-ish (the pony tail and the jewelry) and the make up from you "now" photo from your last post looked like maybe you were about to go do a show. I belly dance so I was probably just projecting. lol
  13. I just read your anniversary post (congratulations!). I wanted to ask, judging by your profile pic and the two recent ones on your post, if you are a belly dancer too.
  14. well, thats probably part of the reason i may be a bit bigger than what i want, cause my dr is always giving me steroids. they make u hungry. but they will bulk u up. i am always fighting ear infections sinucitis ... have really bad allergies. & i always end up on antibiotics & steroids. i hate it, but i love it. they do help me feel better. but just always try to get protien in it will help burn the wt off & as much water as possible. LOL, i wish it was as easy to loose wt as it were to gain it. i can miss a meal or 2 & stay the same, let me eat a meal or 2 & i gain !!!! go figure. not fair.so nice chatting with u. if ur able to eat fruit it will raise ur metabolism, sodas lower it. i find learning what certain foods can do for u helps to know what to eat & what not to eat really makes a big difference. hagd...ttyl
  15. LOL!!!i was just acting silly. but my husband like it. he says i look great for a 64 yr of age woman. he gives me the big head. great to hear from u sweetie. cant wait to get this band out & get the sleeve! it will be here before i know it. i probably will loose a little after sug. but i just need to loose abot 15lbs. just dont want to blow up BIG again ever . u look great . have u met ur goal wt yet
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My reason I decided to change...for my son.

by zmdh39 on 11-25-2014 at 05:14 AM
[QUOTE=zmdh39;488576]I made this for my son, the vocals were recorded a while back, so they are not that great, but this is for him...he was my reason...so the lyrics of this song are VERY personal to me and him...but also to inspire some of you out there...find your reason, and let it change your life!

It took me a long time to find mine, but I have never regretted my decision. I love Dr. Quinones, his staff, the nurses that took care of me, the people that managed my follow up

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Capitalism Explained...This is just awesome!

by zmdh39 on 11-21-2014 at 04:56 PM
Just follow the link...you will love this...SO true!!!


Is it worth it?

by zmdh39 on 11-20-2014 at 12:26 PM
[QUOTE=zmdh39;487813][QUOTE=Lauryn;487796]Hello, my BMI is 43. I am only 5 feet tall and 220 lbs. and I am only 32 to make matters worse. I have struggled with weight since I was a child and have recently spoken to someone whose daughter also had the sleeve. I am going for a consultation on Dec. 2, but am very nervous. My question is for those who have had the sleeve...Is it worth it? I had a friend who got gastric bypass surgery and she died from complications (I'm not sure exactly what), but this

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14 Million Dollars! What????

by zmdh39 on 11-17-2014 at 09:28 PM
[QUOTE=zmdh39;487239]Yeah, that's correct, 14 MILLION dollars and a date with destiny have a lot do to with the untold tale of my WSL story...I realized I had never shared this part of my story with you guys, so I figured that it was about time I should...

For many of you that know me from this forum, or have read some of my post you may know that in 2010 I had my son. You may also be aware this was the same year that I found it impossible to lose weight, but what none of you know

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Interesting Theory on Persistent Hunger, and a neat read...

by zmdh39 on 11-14-2014 at 01:16 AM
[QUOTE=zmdh39;486469]Tons of people wonder why hunger comes back after surgery...I have my own theory on this, but I thought this was an interesting take on the subject:

There full article can be found here: [url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/7838668.stm]BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why do some people never seem to get fat?[/url]

I was looking up various weight loss research, theories on why weight gain is easy for some, and so difficult for others...this

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