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    Awww, thanks! I never thought of the resemblance but the jaw line and hair color are definitely similar. Now, if I could only have his money! I hope all is going well for you...
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    Hey, Selina! I am a Kansas City sleever, too! Malley Weight Loss Center did mine, and I just couldn't be happier! Looks like you are experiencing much success! Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks for that awesome reply. And you look really skinny in your pics already!!!
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    How's life 6 months out? I can't wait to be there!
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    It's treating me pretty well. A little GERD that causes lumps in my throat, but I'm learning to drink water and burp my way through it. Actually, liquid Gaviscon helps the most but it's gross. I can eat what I want and have had no nausea nor any vomiting but I guess we all do at some point so I'll be ready. I love the gentle nudge it gives me that I've had enough. I make sure I'm getting all the nutrients I need. It's a life changer but I'm quickly adapting and very grateful for it. I'm down 32# in 28 days!
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    I am doing great except for a little pain on my left side when I bend over or forget and move to fast. I'm now able to lay on myside when I sleep anxiously waiting for the day I can sleep on my belly so I can fell rested again. I'm four weeks out from my pre-op diet and have lost 24 lbs so I think that is splendid. I've only lost .4 lbs since thursday but its still 2 4 lbs less than I was before. I'm eating Cottage cheese, fish, shrimp refried beans mostly soft food high in protein. I don't think I can stomach anymore protein shakes, so I try to get all it through foods. Thanks for Asking Happy New Year
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    Thats great your husband is on the wagon with you!
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    Yes, for the most part they are, my mother is terrified something will go wrong, by boyfriends first reaction was that I'm taking the easy way, I had to set him straight about that one and he has talked to several of his friends who have either had the sleeve or the band. I think for the most part they are getting there. The people who've I had problems with in the past are not longer in my life so that is a good thing. I hope I will rub off on my boyfriend, not to get the surgery but reduce his calorie intake as well. I just spoke to my P.C. and she said that she can help me if I decide later I need more than just group therapy, she has sent several of her patients to this Doctor I think in Blue Springs.
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    Your cute! Yes I live in Independence and yes I saw Dr Sabapathy, he is not all what I expected, he was very nice and comforting. I'm sure I will be just fine, but the test does make one think how much we need to change our ways for this surgery. Are there any support groups in Independence or surrounding towns. I would like to find one closer to home after I have the surgery rather than driving to Lenexa, I will do whats needed, but was just wondering.
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    Thanks so much. I'm more excited than nervous to be quite honest. So ready for this!
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    Hi Selina! I live in Blue Springs, not far. I'm so excited for October 29th to get here! I'm ready for this positive change, to lose weight, feel better and get healthier. Dr. Hoehn seems to be very experienced and very good at what he does. I feel good about having him for my surgeon and having it done in a Center of Excellence hospital. I also watched him do this surgery on the web and was impressed by his knowledge, his patience with the supporting medical staff and his skills as the surgeon. It sounds like you have had a good experience with him as your surgeon as well?
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    I am sorry you're having such a hard time. I do agree we get REAL hunger. Are you tracking your calories. I thought I was cheating too until i added up my calories on myfitnesspal.com. As long as we stay between 600-800 calories and our carbs are half of our protien intake - from everything I have read we are fine. Yeah bacon definately didnt like me at all!! My dr had us on soft foods until week 8 - I cant wait to have watermelon!!!! one more week. I did "cheat" and have some cheese crackers last night - i had 6 so I am not beating myself up. And you shouldnt either, check and see if you are over the 800 calorie mark, I think you'll be surprised to see you probably are not. And that meal that it takes you all day to eat - it is still taking you all day. Unfortunately with this or by pass ... carbs go down smoother and easier so we still have to be careful on our carb intake. More by pass patients gain the weight back than sleeve patients is what I read but who knows. And honestly sleeve can be converted to by pass if you feel it is needed down the road. But I would say give yourself a little slack - I bet you are still hitting your ranges as you need to. Hope that helps - and vent anytime I will do the same it helps us get through this stuff
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    there, I am so sorry I havent been logged in for a while because I had a tooth issue YUCK> I was able to do surprising well too. Nothing has made me sick unless I eat to fast. I have lost 43 pounds so far since June 28th. I accidentally had bacon (didnt know it was in the soup) and OMG it made EVERYTHING go in reverse within 10 min. But that was the only time. We have a mini support group that meets about once every two weeks if you would like to join. We are trying to make our meetings every other friday. Let me know if you live close to overland park area and would like to attend.
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    Prayers and best wishes to you.
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4 months out and feel like i eat a lot

by selinathorne on 11-17-2012 at 08:19 PM
I am 4 months out and feel like I may be able to eat more than others. I can eat about 2-3 cups of food at a meal. anyone else eat like this? Is my stomach capacity going to continue to grow?

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