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  1. So went to Radiology had my sleeve looked at it looks normal but they said it has stretched since I had it done originally, so that is something to consider. Since my surgery I have not drank any soda. I gained all my weight this year. So all the stretching took place I guess you can say this year. So before you ditch out 4k you might want to consider ditching out an extra 1k to have a bypass done, and have not just a restrictive surgery but a malabsorptive surgery done as well. I would advise getting it done with a surgeon who has experience. I READ how this is a tool but my tool has used it's effectiveness up just about, but just consider that and don't just use this site for research I CAN NOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH. Also, my doctor put in my chart that I have allergies to Aspirin and Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Agents because of my surgery because of the smaller stomach. I am considering having another surgery or some other options will keep you all updated later.
  2. In the process of trying to get a revision done like a few other of the Quinones patients I talked too. I paid a lot of money and I was told my sleeve would hold no more than a few ounces but it holds a lot more and I didn't realize that until my sleeve was fully healed. I am trying a weightloss pill and then hoping to get a revision in 2016. Here goes round 2 in the USA. I do not recommended using Dr.Quinones I thought he was great until my sleeve healed. It was just a horrible experience I can't wait to put past me dealing with his staff. Sorry for anyone who used him because of me. He owns almost half the groups or his sales staff does, and PLEASE PLEASE GO TO OTHER SITES TO RESEARCH DR. QUINONES YOU WILL FIND THIS IS THE ONLY SITE WHICH YOU WILL FIND ANYTHING ABOUT HIM ON because his sales staff has been kicked off of other sites for trying to advertise him with out the sites permission. Do not fall for trying to book another doctor and being told Dr.Q is the only doctor available scam they were pulling. It is so much bullshit with them. They just want the sale, that is all you are. JUST CHECK OTHER SITES ON DR.Q you will see this is the only site with the most information cooked up about him. You only get one health take care of it you do not want to have to get a procedure you only lose 20-50 pounds because it was cheap, or regain your weight back because no support was offered because after they got your money they treated you like shit (me)
  3. I had my surgery with Dr.Quinones and now I have gained a significant amount of weight back and feel like I wasted my money and I am considering having another surgery done as a few of his past patients have been doing. I already gained almost two thirds of my weight back and feeling down. Just got off the scale in the early 230's and started in the 270's.

    I just would not recommend Dr. Quinones I got everyone started with him I guess you can say I am patient 0 and wish I never got anyone started with him now he has everyone on here punking everyone to use him
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    Hello, no problem but is the group still active?
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    I wanted to join your group, but I cannot locate a link that actually says 'join'. Can you help steer me in the right direction? I am new to the boards here, as I have just joined today.

    Thank you
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    Hi my names is Shannon I hope I get to have surgery on the 17th of September I am approved but I had to quit smoking and drop some weight double edged sword....but I like your entries I will questions you from time to time thanks
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    I. Just joined the site today. How can I join the African American Sleevers Group? I didn't see a link that said "join."
  8. Now I had to change for 2016 working on some places in Africa, and other continents
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    Hi, I am just planning my sleeve in Mexico and would like to be a part of this forum. Thanks, Lynne
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    Hi, my name is Robin and I am new to this forum and not sure how to use things just yet. I am going to Mexico to be sleeved and July and would like to be part of your group.
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    Hey I wouldn't mind work out with you. @ this time I walk alone if I can't get My Husband or Sons 2 walk with Me. I'll hit your in box with My info. Thanks
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    Hey Phoenix
    Since you've been sleeved 4 a little over a year how & what are you eating now? Congrats on your weight loss May you have much more success.
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    I'm trying to join your African American group...not sure how to....if you can advise me that would be great...thanks in advance
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    Girl you are looking great. Hi-5 to ya on that progress. I'm sooooooo proud of you. And just want to add, I know how it is being busy and everything it is the same with me. I still try to come when I can. good to see that you found a little time and thanks for giving me a shot out. Take care, look forward to hearing from you again soon.
  15. I am at 168lbs with a total loss of 104lbs. I still have a few more pounds to go around the mid-section and arms. I know that I learned a great deal of lessons during my journey from the positive to the negative ones I thank God they all came to pass so that now I am a stronger and wiser person than when I began this journey. I am full of nothing but hope for my future and life. I been given more life opportunities with this surgery, I was blessed it did not fail me as others have. I just know if you haven't gotten the surgery and you have fears, concerns, read my blogs or even private message me. All you can expect from me is to tell you the truth about how my life changed and how you can expect yours too. I just hope everyone the best in their journey just do not let no one discourage you in any part of your life to do what is best for you. TRUST ME NO ONE no matter how much pool they beleive to have on you or how bad they think they are than you show them they truly have no clue how strong you are when you break off and show them how your goinv to do it and do it better then they ever thought you could by living your life and show them YOUR THE WRONG PERSON TO PLOT ON TO FAIL.
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Medical Tourism, Destination Mexico- Part I

by Phoenixrise on 02-19-2014 at 10:51 PM
Medical Tourism: Weight Loss Surgery
Part 1: Travel Abroad:Mexico, and Patient Care Facilitator

Have you considered of going abroad to have weight loss surgery in another country other than your country of origin? Having weight loss surgery abroad is starting to be a new trend around the world, known as Medical Tourism. In fact this trend is starting to be seen more and more around all nations, and making this a fast growing new market. It may not be something you considered

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Support with old challenges Post Op

by Phoenixrise on 07-07-2013 at 04:15 PM
Hey I am a year out as of yesterday and I have not been on the forum recently but all that is about to change I plan to jump back on here and provide more blog entries for those who actually liked reading my posts and hearing what I had to say. I thank you all so much for those who found my words encouraging and help them make the decision to have this surgery done.

I wanted to write something for those who are still considering it because this is something not really discussed.

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Just an update on me

by Phoenixrise on 02-03-2013 at 07:07 PM
So lately I have not written a blog post in a while. Why you ask is because I been meaning too and I keep getting side tracked. I wanted to write about becoming re-motivated with weigh loss when you started off not doing anything. I was that one. I did nothing I read that without diet and exercise you can lose 50-60% of your weight and after that you will have to exercise to lose the remaining weight. NOW I HIT THAT 50-60% and a lot of people who are like me and wondering why they hit this SUPER

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Love and Weightloss

by Phoenixrise on 12-09-2012 at 09:12 PM
So everyone today like really hit me, about love and weight loss. I think when i started this journey I knew that there were men out there that I could talk to but I felt my confidence was not high enough to really get out there. Don't get me wrong unlike many I know I am not ugly, and I know I have a great personality. I have had so many people tell me how great my personality is. If you take the time to get to know me chances are you would adore me. Most bigger people have great personalities,

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Facts you may not be aware of about Protein and Weight loss

by Phoenixrise on 11-02-2012 at 06:55 PM
Did you now the importance of Protein? I did not, I knew it was important but did not know why it was so important. I thought I would share with others what I found in my research and give you some insight of why you should focus on getting the recommended amount of protein each day to aid in your weight loss journey. Especially if your weight loss has been a little slower. Well I outlined the basic needs to know about protein. I may not have tackled it all but got the most important facts I would

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