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  1. Gastric Sleeve Journeys

    Journeys getting a gastric sleeve start before the surgery and will continue until long after the surgery, forever. This category is dedicated to journeys with the gastric sleeve.

    1. This is where you can start a thread about your journey getting a gastric sleeve, and document your success story. Pick a descriptive title for your thread. Some examples would be using your actual forum nickname like: "MyNickname's Journey Getting Sleeved" or you can use your realname, like "Mike's Sleeve Journey". Documenting your journey will help others and will also be good for you to reference back later and remember how you were feeling during your journey. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 24,513
      • Posts: 234,281
    2. This is the 'tell us about yourself' category. It's where you may make an introductory post, and let us know a little about yourself. A perfect place to break the ice. Alternatively, you can get started by creating a journey thread instead. This forum may also be used to make general social announcements as well as threads wishing others well. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 17,036
      • Posts: 111,614
  2. Getting Started With Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    These forums are for people considering getting a gastric sleeve or who just got the sleeve. If you have questions or want to discuss with others who have already been sleeved, these are the forums for you. This is where you can come for general support as you make your decision and start on your sleeve journey.

    1. This forum is for common questions and answers about gastric sleeve surgery. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 6,577
      • Posts: 59,317
    2. This forum is for discussions of the liquid pre-op diet, the liquid and soft post-op diet after your surgery, recipes for after surgery, plus discussions and tips on best practices when eating and drinking. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 3,366
      • Posts: 36,668
  3. Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery Discussions

    This forum is for general topics and discussions after getting the gastric sleeve procedure.

    1. This is the forum where everyone who has had a gastric sleeve can discuss life after being sleeved. Feel free to post before and after photos and/or stories. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 13,647
      • Posts: 135,356
    2. Regional Forums

      (12 Viewing)

      These are subforums where you can meet locals to turn to for support, friendship, and share the joy in your gastric sleeve journeys together. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 388
      • Posts: 4,396
    3. This forum is for discussing the various reconstructive surgery options and cosmetic makeovers. Such as tummy tucks, dealing with loose skin, liposuction, face lifts, breasts, arms, buttocks, etc. Use this forum to discuss the various options and ask your questions and share your experiences with cosmetic and plastic surgery. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 543
      • Posts: 6,528
    4. This is a forum where you can organize or find a local meetup to get together with fellow weight loss surgery friends. If you want to organize an event, this is the place to do it. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 124
      • Posts: 1,521
  4. Places To Get Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    These forums are broken into categories of geographical places where you might want to consider having your gastric sleeve.

  5. Other Weight Loss And Health Topics

    Other topics about weight loss that are not better categorized in our other gastric sleeve forums can go in here. Topics could include methods to lose weight as well as methods to stay healthy.

    1. This is where you may discuss the other types of bariatric surgery, such as: Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, gastric banding (Lap Band), duodenal switch, gastric balloon, plication, and other WLS. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 70
      • Posts: 749
    2. This is a forum for discussions about exercise, aerobics, fitness, yoga, pilates, walking, running, sports, gyms, workout routines, and all related topics. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 371
      • Posts: 4,163
    3. This is where you may discuss the popular alternatives to getting weight loss surgery that include pills, capsules, powders, etc. Topics include weight loss medicines and remedies, weight loss pills, and weight loss supplements. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 83
      • Posts: 770
    4. Eating Disorders

      (11 Viewing)

      This is a forum for discussions about eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 33
      • Posts: 590
    5. Other Health Topics

      (8 Viewing)

      This is a forum for discussions about all other health topics that do not yet better fit in another category that we offer. As our forum grows, please contact us to suggest new or improved forum categorization if many topics build up in this forum and can be better segregated, or if a good top level forum category was overlooked. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 216
      • Posts: 1,616
  6. Other Gastric Sleeve Topics From Around The Web

    In these forums we syndicate articles, topics, and related discussions about gastric sleeve surgery from around the Internet.

    1. Section for topics about gastric sleeve in the news, press releases from doctors, new medical breakthroughs relating to gastric sleeve surgery. Check in every now and then and have a look at the articles we found for you to check out, and please respond on the threads to any you find interesting or want to debate, discuss, etc. Please also share with the community any interesting gastric sleeve articles or info that you may find around the web. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 281
      • Posts: 882
    1. Tiki Hut

      (15 Viewing)

      All off topic posts may go here. This is a place where you may discuss anything you like. + Post New Thread

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      • Threads: 339
      • Posts: 3,457
    1. Site Help & Feedback

      (3 Viewing)

      Please let us know your suggestions to make our gastric sleeve site or our gastric sleeve forum better. If you would like to better understand how to use something or if there is something that you want changed or fixed, bug reports, etc., please submit them in this forum. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 203
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    2. This is where announcements about the GastricSleeve.com site are posted. + Post New Thread

      Forum Statistics:

      • Threads: 37
      • Posts: 441

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