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First 2 Weeks After Surgery

  1. jwagner68
    Liquids are great to a point and I just keep reminding myself that this has been a loooooong time goal of mine, having this procedure, but OMG people what the hell was I thinking walking into a movie theather????? Really, I don't feel hungry at all. I only drink my protien because I know my body must be needing it (or eat my jello in the morn). ""I miss foods"", says the fat lady happy to be droping lbs like crazy. Is it crazy to be looking forward to figuring out what baby mush might taste good??? A little maybe, lol...
  2. wendiwin
    Haha. I know exactly what you mean. I was telling a friend yesterday that before surgery when I found out I would have to eat puréed food, I thought, I'm not looking forward to that. Well...two weeks into the liquid, I can't wait! Too funny.
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