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  1. Phoenixrise
    Hey fellow Mexico sleevers I thought it would be nice maybe if we could introduce ourselves and start this discussion group. I am from San Diego, I am planning to get sleeved this month in July, and I have one obstacle before I can get sleeved, as soon as I conquer that I plan to go and get sleeved. If I can get it for this weekend I will be traveling there without a passport if I have to delay the process then I will be going with a passport I will know as early as TOMORROW MY SURGERY DATE but as late as Friday. I am hoping I know by Monday wish me luck and pray everything works for me.
  2. tangle
    Good luck to you! Did you find out your date? I was sweating my passport renewal, but I received it about 1 1/2 weeks ago, so I have been impatiently waiting. I am flying the morning of surgery from Phoenix on July 11th, and I am sooooo nervous.
  3. OhSheila
    My surgery is set for July 18 but my passcard hasn't gotten here yet. I'm getting a little nervous about it. Phoenixrise, how will you get back into the states without your passport? Good luck with everything!
  4. Phoenixrise
    Still don't have my date I have to get approval to travel and I am waiting for someone to get back to me. Once I get approval I can go have my surgery. I plan to schedule it out at least 10days so I can do my liquid diet. I was thinking of doing a medifast for my liquid diet. I don't know it seems like it is happening so quickly.
  5. KKinVA
    It only took me a week to get my passport I paid all the "jacked up fees" to get it expidited! But it was worth it to be able to cross that off the list!
  6. Phoenixrise
    Well they will let me cross without a passport I have my California ID, and Birth Certificate plus they know I am a citizen I got into trouble at the border so I have documentation at the border if they run my name they know my butt is a citizen of the U S of A. I am going to tell them I had a date for my passport but my surgery was before that date which is why I don't have my passport.
  7. OhSheila
    Good luck! Keep me updated since mine still isn't here.
  8. cervantes95
    Well when i went there was two people who went that did not have there passport neither, they showed that they applied for it and there drivers licence and birth certificate and had no problems and this was in March of this year.
  9. Phoenixrise
    Yeah I was able to go with no problems without the passport
  10. kittvalley
    Hi every one...

    I'm new to this site, but have been sleeve surfing for since Jan.

    I am VERY interested in getting VSG in Mexico and am tying to chose the surgeon. I have heard great things about Aceves and Alvarez, but they both are about 2K more than I can afford. But, I am willing to save if it means quality services. I'm seeing that Dr. Almanza is a little less, any experiences?

    Would love feedback and friends
  11. pat marino
    pat marino
    Keep up the good work. You are SO CLOSE to your goal... IF need affordable "work done" contact me for a free consult 772 220 7466 , my Florida office , I have been helping massive weight loss patients since 1994 with safe & comfortable cosmetic surgery. ************** !http://****************** We specialize in massive weigh loss patients.
  12. aprilnurk
    Robyn, i am getting sleeved with Dr. Alvarez next week. I know he's more expensive, but honestly, I feel like you get what you pay for. I have heard rave reviews from patient after patient of Dr. Alvarez and have had a great experience so far with everything leading up to surgery. Good luck with your decision.
  13. timeforchange
    Hi robyn, i'm getting sleeved by Dr ramos kelly. Up until last week i was booked in with Dr almanza. I decided to change because if i am going to fly half way around the world for surgery then i prefer it to be in a hospital (not clinic) and by a doctor who doesn't do as many sleeves per day as almanza does. It costs an extra $1000 on what almanza charges but i'm happy with that, a small price to pay for that extra peace of mind i think. Best wishes with your decision and journey
  14. kiki70
    I am having my sleeve done with Dr Quinones on August 15th. I have heard great things about him. He doesn't spend a ton of money on advertising, but has excellent credentials. He also allows for you to have a companion with you the whole stay. My sleeve will cost me $4300 plus my airfare. Hope this helps
  15. KKinVA
    Dr Alvarez rocks! I cannot say one negative thing about my experience! I chose him for a few reasons:

    1: It's a hospital
    2: He does the leak test while you are still under
    3: No drains to full with post op
    4: No stiches to full with post op
    5: Read his book prior to decision making
    6: Easily accessible before and after surgery

    Hope this helps with your decision
  16. Phoenixrise
    I went to Dr.Sergio Quinones, 619 908 9068. I was going to go with Almanza but then I switched. I got a good rate and great service from my doctor.
  17. Bama Mom
    Bama Mom
    I am also going to Dr. Sergio Quinones. Thanks for starting this group. I am nervous about traveling to Mexico and my friends are afraid I will get kidnapped because they watch to much TV. No one will go with me.
  18. Phoenixrise
    Don't be nervous about going to Mexico this is how it will go your going to get picked up by the driver and there MAYBE other passengers ALL FROM THE UNITED STATES, traveling with you to MEXICO and he will drop you all off. Then he drops you at the front door of the facility. You walk in and your in there THE ENTIRE TIME, now if you lived in San Diego. That same driver would pick you up and maybe pick up some other American's and drop you all off at your destination. People over hype getting abducted in Mexico. Don't worry you will be fine, and even better after your sleeved and start losing the weight.
  19. ConnieDelacruz
    I still cant seem to make any decisions on who to go to for my surgery....I have heard that Almanza isnt the surgeon to go to due to the fact that he does alot of surgeries in one day...can anyone else give me some advise on what is the best option for around the same cost
  20. Jenny P
    Jenny P
    I just got back yesterday from Mexico...my surgeron was Almanza...I have no complaints...I am doing well...the only thing I can say is, do not expect it to be like an american hospital...it is not...but it is VERY clean...very professional...and your every need is met...The staff is friendly and always there for you around the clock...Yes he does a lot of surgeries....but that also means he has seen it all....he is very experienced....During my stay he was doing a revision on a woman who had had bypass 30 years ago...she was having major problems....he revised her to a sleeve...a procedure many other docs would not do because of her history...she was in surgery for quite a while...but was up and about and doing very well two days later....she was drinking her liquids...booking her flights...chatting it up...i was surprised....I feel the man must be a master at his art....
  21. cpaliz1
    I'm going with Dr. Quinones. My surgery will cost $4000. I asked how many they do per day and was told no more than 4 but usually 2-3. I'm unsure how many Almanza performs each day. I have researched and researched and was also having a hard time deciding but ive finally come to a decision. Ive been happy with the information I have received about Dr Quinines and the info I got from Henry, my patient services coordinator.
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