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Surgery day - 21 August 2012

  1. SleeveSA
    A few days to go and it will be my surgery day. I started my journey at 139,4kg / 306 lbs and are now at 133kg / 292,6 lbs. I've not been under 100kg / *** lbs for the last 11 years. Closest was 116kg / 255,2 lbs. After lots of ups and downs and bad health I'm at last feeling that my mind is focused and that I will do this. Last two weeks on pre-op high protein eating plan has been easier than I thought it would be and really good for me.

    Wish me luck ..
  2. hope4me
    Hi Louisa. Im waiting on the days to pass myself. You have only a few. I'm wishing you well with all things. Here's to great health.
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