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New to over 40 even though I知 almost 60!

  1. Mamadevo
    I知 new to this forum and new to this world. Had my surgery on 7/16/18. I致e struggled with weight for at least 20 years and it was beginning to effect my life. High blood pressure, sleep apnea, pre-diabetic, joint pain etc. etc. My last surgery was at 47 when I had a complete hysterectomy and I bounced right back. I know it痴 only been 9 days but this VSG is kicking my you know what. I have zero energy. I following all the rules but I知 so weak. I see my surgeon tomorrow and hope he has a magic shot or something to pep me up. In a week I have to be back at work. Anyone else weak at first? Any suggestions?
  2. Cat B
    Cat B
    Hi. My team had me start a Vitamin B12 supplement that goes under your tongue to help give that energy burst. I had my sugery this past Monday on the 23rd. I am also trying to stay hydrated as well. I am just trying to keep the pain at moderate levels.
  3. Krstal02
    Feel better soon
  4. Joyzeegrl2
    Go easy on yourself. Your body went through a lot and needs rest . Count your protein grams so you don't lose muscle. Dehydration can also be a cause of fatgue. Also check your blood pressure if you can.
  5. Suzy2
    Has any one postmenupausal reached their goal slower than normal but reached them.My stats 224 lbs 5ft 4 4 months out lost 31 lbs. When I look at it percent wise it is good but entering 5th month it seems like a small amount.Im worried if they say you lose most in first 6 months.Any slow losers reach goal or exceed goal Thank You
  6. Ann2
    Suzy, I was sleeved at age 68 four and a half years ago. I lost 100 pounds in 18 months and have kept it ALL off since losing it. I'm now 73, feel amazing, look great, and having a wonderful life.

    Read my first three surgiversaries to find out what / how I did the first three years post-op. Spoiler: The last year and a half has been very successful, too.

    First Surgiversary post

    Second Surgiversary post

    Third Surgiversary post

    I think you'll do fine. It doesn't matter at all how fast you lose the weight, ONLY that you learn (while losing the weight) to build a new lifestyle that will keep the weight off. That's the secret to this whole thing. Best wishes to you!
  7. AnnieG
    Suzy, although only 16 months out, I echo what Ann2 has said. My weight came off way more quickly and I was surprised it did. But daily maintenance eating also came way more quickly and it takes time.

    You should do well following the guidelines; Ann2's journey was wonderfully helpful. I realized I had all the tools available, but she surely shone some bright light on how to use them best. Everyone finds their own way, but walking behind others sure saves us some steps (and probably mis steps).

    Keep posting. Oh, and I was 65 when I had the sleeve will 67 in May. And post menopause was not a factor.
  8. Suzy2
    Just wanted to say Thank You to all the Vetrans and all the helpful people.You really do a great service to help us know we are going to meet out goals.I think because we have all failed at so many diet /weight loss attempts its hard to trust this process especially for slow losers we wonder if we are doing everthing correctly I have lost 54 lb so far or 66 from highest weight so far in 10 months.I have had different weight loss pattern .First 3 months pretty good then slowed down but last 5 months still losing 5 sometimes 6 a month so I hope to make my goal of 150 Im 169 now so still losing .Thank you all again
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