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When is your surgery?

  1. Wareaglegirl
    Hi, my surgery is coming up soon! April 1 to be exact. I hope it won't be a joke on me! My excitement is slowing overcoming my nervousness about the procedure.

    Tell me when your surgery is and what your thoughts are on it. How is your prep going?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. coopersmom
    Hi WarEagleGirl,
    Congrats on your surgery date. I am partial as April 1st is my birthday. Oh it's been a lifelong pain in the rear LOL. I'm sure everything will go well. I just got my surgery date of April 29th. I'm so excited and ready to get started. I've spend a lot of time researching the sleeve procedure and I think I will be successful with it. I am a self pay so I haven't had a lot of prep, just a 3 day before surgery liquid diet. How are you feeling?
  3. Joanna81
    Hi everyone I have my surgery April 22 and as the days go by the more nervous I become. Is anyone else nervous or having surgery on that date?
  4. Kirby
    I'm on 23rd! Meant to have started a 7 day preop diet (bmi is 33 so techically don't even need to) but the hunger is not worth it. I hope everyone else is coping with preop better than me!
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