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Surgery in December 2018

  1. Finding.Rebecca
    Anyone scheduled for surgery in December 2018??? I just scheduled mine for 12-17-18.

  2. Dradra336
    Me! Mine is December 6th! Nice to meet you! I'm super nervous and excited..
  3. gabbiez
    mine is 4th Dec. good luck to the both of you
  4. Adelaide
    Hi all! I'm December 3rd!

    Where are you all from? Let's support each other!
  5. artpe54
    Dec 14th here
  6. Libby Ann
    Libby Ann
    Getting sleeved on the 13th of December. I'm super ready for this!
  7. nickaj2815
    I am scheduled for 12/12/18. Had to change my date from November.
  8. Sleeve36
    Hi! Mine was Dec 3rd. I am from Massachusetts. How is everyone doing? Feeling?
  9. NancyAlu
    I had the sleeve surgery on December 17th. How is everyone doing? I feel pretty good only ate too much 2 times so far, still dealing with my "want" to eat vs. my "need" to eat. Food addiction is still hard to deal with.
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