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One week post op

  1. 2TheBeach
    Hi there, I am one week post op and I am sick of liquids (I did the two week pre op liquid diet) and the protein shakes are really tough to get down. My nut scheduled my appt for 3 weeks post op. My dr said advancing to the puréed stage would be 2-3 weeks. So why do I have to,wait the 3 weeks to see the nut? I am hungry and I just want to taste something, anything. Scrambled eggs would be so nice. I don't know I can make it two more weeks! Ugh
  2. Redd
    Hang in there. You don't want to injure yourself so following the stages is important. It was tough but the rapid weight loss rocks. It will go by fast, hang in there.
  3. mutterma77
    I was super lucky in that I didn't do a 2-week liquid diet, mine was all protein and no carbs. But, I'm 10 days post-op, and I will suggest that you be super careful at this stage and follow dr's orders. Your new stomach is having to heal, you don't want to do anything to mess that up! Again, I'm lucky, as I started the puree stage yesterday, 9 days out, and man, I was SO SICK of all liquids! There's still not much texture, but it's different!
    I have a 2-week post-op with my nutritionist, on the phone, but she gave me all the steps ahead of time, with the dates to start each phase.
    Good luck, do what they say at this point! Maybe you could call your "nut" and talk about switching to puree sooner?
  4. Nevergiveup
    Hi, I haven't had my surgery yet, but continue to research info. I came across this lengthy video by Dr Matthew Weiner on youtube. He discusses the importances of following the proper steps but also what types of food to eat and types to avoid. He mentioned eggs, cooked many different ways, he does mention that scrambled egges are the hardest to accept. He mentions poached being the easist to accept but only when your allowed too! He also mentions the myths of straws and carbonated drinks in detail. anyways youtube DR Matthew Weiner first month post op. Just so you know this is NOT my Dr. just thought there was a lot of great info. He also has a website DrMatthewWeiner.com. I havent had a chance to check it out. I Hope you well and maybe this might give you some ideas for food when you are allowed.
  5. Shandy
    Thanks for that info Nevergiveup. I like your name : }
  6. Want-to-wear-jeans
    Procedure in 2days
    Feeling nervous
    Would you still have the Op knowing how you feel now?
    Good Luck with everything
  7. Karmela

    I have tried to follow my 2nd stage, but I have been hungry and I don't want to hurt my stomach. I had a very little bit of roasted chicken yesterday and today and I was scared, but I just wanted to stop the hungry. Also, some nights I wake up at 3am hungry and I don't want to eat a meal in the middle of the night, so I have 2 crackers by my bed. This helps me to be able to go back to sleep without any problem. Anyone else going thought what I am???
  8. MerRob54
    Thanks to NeverGiveUp for the info abt the YouTube videos. I'll pull those up shortly. Would someone please remind me of when the "2nd stage" kicks in? I'd kill for a little bit of roasted chicken. Heck, even for a bite of grits !
  9. CKDavis
    I am one week post and on liquids - sugar free water, broth, tea, protein drink, sugar free jello. I am also walking an hour a day first very slow but now back to my pace. I have not lost one pound what am I doing wrong
  10. Joyzeegrl2
    2 days post of and to answer a question so far even though I'm in pain and nauseus sometimes I definitely am glad I got it done. Yesterday was a busy day with up and down from the hospital bed about 20 times trying to urinate. They wouldn't let me go until I did. My doc is not so strict about post of diet. I can now have yogurt milk, eggs,in other words non clear liquid. So I'm ok with that. I asked the dietician about regular coffee cuz I hate decaf. She said they just don't want you to have empty calories. But I'm a black coffee person so I've been sipping a little.
  11. Joyzeegrl2
    To kamela if you are having to small crackers at night and you feel better just let your doc know and maybe they could suggest something else.
    I personally don't find the shakes very satisfying. Real dairy instead of that pre made stuff works better for me. Let them know that the food list they have given you is not satisfying.
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