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Anyone Just starting out?

  1. Karenricha
    Hey there,
    I have been on this website for about 3 weeks now. I attended the seminar in which my doctor talks about each surgery. I made my psych appt, as well as the first appointment with the doctor. I do not have a surgery date - but I'm thinking about March.

    Are any of you about where I am? Would love to share this journey together....I love this site. I am learning all kinds of things. I love cheering everyone on.

    Hope to hear from ya'll
  2. Michelle1977
    I had my 1st consulation on Dec 7. I had my nutritional eval last week. I have my psych eval today. Sleep apnea test on Saturday. Endoscopy on Monday. Stress test on Tuesday. I can't schedule the surgery until my insurance approves me (which shouldn't be an issue). To even submit to insurance I have to have the nutritional eval and psych eval. So hopefully this week it'll get submitted to insurance. The other tests are requried by the doctor I am using. I'm thinking late January or sometime in February. Maybe March. Don't know yet. Wishing you the best!
  3. Maia0628
    Hi there I am hoping for a February/March surgery date. I would be happy to journey with ya
  4. amykarryn
    I started the process in may, did the requisite six months of counseling, support groups, etc, and my surgery is scheduled for this monday. I could have had it as early as december 12 but i didnt want to be recuperating over the holidays. So for me it was about six months time.
  5. mamapassy
    I'm on your path Karenricha. Waiting for insurance approval, hoping for March surgery. Would love to journey with you all!
  6. amykarryn
    I started the process in may, did the requisite six months of counseling, support groups, etc, and my surgery is scheduled for this monday. I could have had it as early as december 12 but i didnt want to be recuperating over the holidays. So for me it was about six months time.
  7. amykarryn
    I started the process in may, did the requisite six months of counseling, support groups, etc, and my surgery is scheduled for this monday. I could have had it as early as december 12 but i didnt want to be recuperating over the holidays. So for me it was about six months time.
  8. 1happyloser2b
    Hello all, I will be meeting with my surgeon on the 14th of this month! This is the best site! So informative. It will be great to start out with a group of us around the same place in this process. I am a little nervous about not having any health issues besides being overweight. I hope my insurance company gives me the green light. Everyone's story is different. Some people I have read have met with the surgeon, had their psych eval., and met with the dietician and had their surgery scheduled all in 30 days!!!! I hope that is how my story goes.
  9. nikki_g
    I started the process end of Oct. Getting sleep apnea test next wk, psyche eval later this month, cardiology and pulmonary consults next month and hopefully scheduling surgery around April!! Good luck with everything!! It's a long process for many of us with ins requirements but well worth it, I think!!!
  10. duben3
    I have my first appt with the surgeon on Feb 6th. I know my insurance requires a 3 month supervised weight loss program before it will cover the surgery. I'm still debating on whether I'll go through with the surgery or not. This site has helped a lot with my decision, I'm leaning more toward the surgery than I was before. If I have it done, I figure it would be around May or June sometime.
  11. icandothis
    I'm about 2 months in of a 3 month supervised weight loss program (insurance required). Had the initial surgeon appt, endoscopy, psych eval and all the blood tests, etc... just one more month of nutrional follow ups then hopefully will have surgery end of Feb/March. This site has been a great tool to keep me informed. It's great to share stories with people who are going through the same thing. I don't feel so alone in this life changing decision. I wish everyone on here lots of luck and great success!!!! We will do this together!!!
  12. rn2babes
    I'm so scared. I go day to day, sometimes hour to hour, thinking "should I?". My insurance is a little easier to maneuver through. I've done the information class, and this Friday I attend a group orientation with the surgeon/s and nurses. I was told by the lead RN in the department that if I choose to go through with the sleeve, I could have it done within a month. Yikes! I start to think "maybe I should try one more time to do this on my own", but then I remember all the times I've tried and failed. This site is a Godsend. Thank you all for being out there.
  13. HeatherAmy75
    I'm in the beginning of the journey too! I had my consultation with my doctor and he determined that I am qualify for surgery and spoke with me about my options and we decided the sleeve would be best for me. I made my psych appointment and my general practitioner is going to do my pulmonary test clearance next week. I don't know when my surgery will be yet but I have my nutritional counseling on February 5 at my bariatric surgeon's office. That will be the second time I see him. I'm excited and scared at the same time!
    Yes me too just joining! I have my first dr appt next Friday very excited and scared all the same
  15. anewvue
    I am sort of just starting my journey. Told my primary care that I was tired of the yo-yo. I have regained about 50 lbs slowly over the last 6 years. My insurance company requires 3 months of supervised weight loss. My primary started my documentation in December and I see the surgeon this week! I have gained 7 lbs since starting my supervised weight management (OMG) . I am just so tired of "dieting" and my poor knees just can't handle much with exercise anymore. My BMI was only at 38.5 when I started in December. I have ballooned up to 40! This is sort of good because I don't really have any real co-morbids and so being at 40 when I see the surgeon may help my approval process. I want my trimmer body back...I am so uncomfortable. I snore so loudly and am constantly tossing and turning all night so much so my hubbie wants to move into another bedroom! Told my primary dr who has me scheduled for an in home sleep study. This site has been helpful in my decision on moving forward with surgery. What a great community of like minded people.
  16. Truebody
    Yep - I'm at the very beginning. The part where I'm not sure this is for me, but I know where I'm at is not for me either. I'm doing research - lots of reading of people's blogs, viewing UTube videos and Googling like a mad woman. I want my Truebody - never ever seen it and I want vitality and I want to wear shorts before I die.
  17. Tkvlandette
    I too am at the beginning of my journey, but its a little different from yours. I started looking into WLS last year and was devastated to find out that my insurance didn't cover any bariatric procedures. I am 32 years old, and have gained close to 100 lbs in 5 years (marriage really brought out the "fat and happy" side of me!!). Needless to say, I was crushed and pretty much gave up hope of getting this done. To my surprise, my mother decided to sell her house and she told me that when she did, she would pay for my surgery. I can't tell you what a miraculous surprise this was for me. Her house sold in December and I'm scheduled for my surgery Feb. 4th. Pre-op liquid diet starts Tuesday and I'm so excited. I'd love to share this journey will all of you and just be encouragement to you when you need it!!
  18. Korngal2
    I'm at the same stage as you exciting stuff
  19. HealthyEverAfter
    Hi, everyone; I'm in the beginning stages, too. Kaiser said I qualify for the surgery, should be receiving a letter soon with info on when I can start the 8-week pre-surgery program. Surgery is scheduled within a month of completing that program, so I'm thinking I'll have a March/April surgery date. I look forward to following everyone!
  20. Raven01
    I get my UGI done on Monday the 4th, and I see my primary doctor for insurance paper work. I hope things go the way I'm hoping for, and won't have to wait too long before I'm approved and sheduled for surgery (pray with me). =)
  21. shasha104
    I did my 6 months counseling, have my psych eval this week. I believe that is all that is needed to be submitted to my ins. company. I am hoping to get a date ASAP. I am excited about this journey and would love to share it with you.
  22. Caitiebug
    I'm beyond excited I just found out my insurance will cover the surgery!!!! I have my first meeting with the dr on valentines day!!!!! Any tips on how to start?
  23. Siddeeqah
    Hi Everyone....well i did my pshyc eval and my RN said she was pleased with me loosing 5pounds..even though i have 10more to go....but I'm starting the slim fast regement this coming monday...i'm already on the CPAP..which i HATE..so i didnt need to do that oh yeah i meet with the surgeon on 2/12...#gome!
  24. IURN62
    Siddeeqah: Are you using a mask or nasal pillows for your CPAP? I couldn't tolerate the mask but have no issues with the pillows, they just fit in your nose. I feel so much better and rested since i started CPAP 3 years ago. I
  25. curlyme
    Hello...I just started pre op class through kaiser options program last week...
    Im insulin resistant, low thyroid, pcos ---trying to lose weight to help my symptoms and get off my meds as well!

    I just started learning how to do the food journals. im not sure if im doing them correctly? Anyone doing Kaiser options 12 week pre op program

    Just wanted to say HI to everyone!!
  26. Sonyao
    I have had my medical, psych,nutritionist , surgical PA. My consult with the surgeon is 4/11. Hoping for surgery in may or June. I have been in the process since oct 2012. Seems like forever. Is anyone else having problems w journaling?
  27. Lissy
    Well I think I might be ahead of some of you depending on if you've had surgery and not updated this yet. I decided in the summer that I wanted this surgery, well I've wanted it for 10 years but I realized I was going to have the money in the fall so I did my research, found a clinic and got the initially consultations done before I had the money. I didnt have to go through what you guys seem to because I was paying out of pocket, I would have gladly jumped through hoops to save myself the $20000. Anyway, got my money and looked at the calander. I know I didn't want it before the holidays and I didn't want my daughter to miss school if possible and I needed my mom to be able to pick me up two hours away and take care of my daughter for a few days but she couldn't miss more then a day of work. So this year was the first year we had a holiday in February in bc and my daughter had a pro-d day on the Friday so she had four days off. My clinic only does surgery on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I booked it for the 7th of February. I had my endoscopy done here in canada which I also had to plan for child care and pick up. Everything was a go and then on January 25th my husband unexpectedly died. We where separated but still horrible. Anyway, I had to plan a funeral and had family coming in from everywhere so I almost cancelled the surgery but then I decided that I needed something positive to focus on and I needed to be the healthiest parent my kid could have I went ahead with the surgery. My mom had already booked the time and it was paid. I had the surgery and I told the medical team what was going on in my life and when I was under anesthetic I dreamt of my husband for the whole time and apparently I woke up sobbing uncontrollably. They drugged me up and I calmed down. Anyway, its been 11 days and I'm 18lbs lighter and while I think the emotional issues I am dealing with may be slowing my recovery I'm so happy I went ahead with the surgery. Good luck to you all!
  28. anniemay
    I am at the beginning as well. I went to the seminar, the consult and the nutritionist appointment. My psych eval is this Friday and I have just three months required by insurance so I am looking at a May surgery. I sometimes feel like I have become obsessed because now that the decision is made I just want to do it. My biggest question now is who do I tell - I am wavering between telling everyone or not telling anyone....I just don't know but I am excited
  29. Debbie66
    I have my surgery March 25th, went through the seminars, the psych evaluation, met with my case manager. Now I have to go for the pre op classes, EKG and more blood work. I'm excited too and also I'm torn between yelling out to the world that I'm having surgery, or not saying anything, I think I will tell the people who ask me how I did it that I had the surgery. I have a really hard time keeping a food log and journal too, any suggestions?
  30. abequa2000
    My surgery is set for 9th April
  31. abequa2000
    I am going from the lapband to sleeve had band in oct 2010 willl get the sleeve 9 april. still have to do the 2 weeks of liquids on post op test this month
  32. Cindyrella
    I had my surgery February 11. Let's do this thing!
  33. TwinJess
    I'm just starting out too. I've been researching the hell out of this procedure and I'm finally ready to do it!
  34. Jeni Cerone
    Jeni Cerone
    My surgery is also set for April 9, I had my band removed last month..
  35. abequa2000
    I have the band now getting the sleeve Aprl 9th
  36. nana banana
    nana banana
    I went to the information seminar a few weeks ago. My insurance does cover the procedure! I have to do 6 months of diet counseling etc. I need to get my colonoscopy done & also a sleep study. One step at a time & it will happen.
  37. *Amy*
    I just started ... I just scheduled my first one on one consultation with Dr. Feiz.... However, I am still trying to make up my mind btwn commiting to bariatric surgery with in it self and if so which route to take sleeve or band .... my fears are weighting heavely on my decison and can't decide if this for me or not... I want to loose about 85 lb and have mixed feelings.... Being part of gastric sleeve site has helped inspire me and reading everyones journey has helped me take a step foward into trying to make this big decision... Thank you for being so open about your journey as it helps indivduals like myself put the idea in more "realistic" perspective....
  38. Missmom57
    I am hoping to have my surgery at the end of April or early May, I'm just so undecided which way I want to go, I know its not going to be the band, I was all excited about the sleeve and than my son starts reading things to me about things that go wrong, and now I'm scared again, he said well all you need is to eat less, and I wanted to say yeah I know that but I need help, I'm 55 and almost 300 pounds, its time for major surgery here!! I'm scared again, anyone know anyone at least 3 to 4 months post-op? thanks and I love this group, been reading your post, Happy Easter, Cindy
  39. christinae85
    I've decided to take this route, but as it's through the VA it will be a lengthy process to get it accomplished thanks to their severe backlog of patients. I'm talking my consultation is scheduled for June 12th! :/ On a positive note, I guess that means they'll have plenty of experience by the time I get there! haha I'm constantly encouraged that this is the right path from either testimonies on here or by my best friend in the world. She is 85lbs down at 4 months!!! I've already told her she's my role model & totally has to walk me through this journey so I can follow her exact footsteps! :P
    hi i am waiting for the approval i had an endoscopy the other day however was not given any dates for a info seminar is that something every sleeved person needs
  41. lundbergmn
    I had my 2nd weigh in w/ my dr & I'm down 4 lbs!!! Very excited Abt that. I also started walking 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.
  42. Khartt
    I just made the decision today to start the process. I have had my blood work done during my annual physical two weeks ago when my doctor suggest this procedure. The referral process is just getting started, so if all goes well I'll be having surgery in January 2014.
  43. jodib
    I'm very new with this too! I've been stalking this website for awhile now, and finally joined today! ;-) I had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday, I'll have an Upper GI tomorrow morning, and will meet with the dietician next Thursday, 7/18. I can then schedule my surgery date, which I was told would probably be in September.
  44. Khartt
    Hi all.
    I just got my referral - Dr. Michelle Toder at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, ME. Next is scheduling all the followup testing. I'll post back when I have that information. I'll also be assigned to a group.
  45. Lil Sis
    Lil Sis
    I had my endoscopy today. Ultrasound in a few weeks. Then hopefully surgery in Sept! Getting very excited!
  46. ElemPrincipal
    Started at 282 and had my surgery yesterday....down 10 lbs! Things are going well, just have to remember not to so too much when I feel ok bc then I do pay for it later . Best of luck to allow you still scheduling
  47. Khartt
    Okay - so what tests should I expect to have?
  48. MinxCJS
    Started the testing a few weeks ago. Went to the seminar, had nutrition & psyc and today the stress test. Now I need the chest xray and ekg. They won't schedule the exact date until I get those in. I am so worried because my present insurance runs out on Dec 31 and the dates are filling up. What a crazy time of year to have this done. Praying for success. I'd love to keep in touch.
  49. SuzyLove
    Welcome to the site its been really helpfull for me also as Im on my journey to getting approved for the surgery. So this website and everybody on here have been great and so informational on their journeys and obsticles.
  50. tinadiva
    I started this journey in March, 2013. I did 6 months of nutritional guidance, completed in August, 2013. However, I needed an endoscopy, and blood showed h. Pylori bacteria. The treatment for the H. Pylori has slowed me down significantly as it is about 20 weeks before you are re-evaluated by the GI specialist. I will have that done in a few weeks. I am hoping to be free of the bacteria. I have had the psych eval, and my internist has approved. I have such a short window to have surgery due to my work obligations. I will probably only be able to take one week off and hope that is enough. I am a baby when it comes to pain; low theshold. I welcome anyone willing to relate their experiences, good and not as good, with this process. Thanks.
  51. s82t84t59
    I have just started the process. I am waiting for them to make my apps. I am on medicare due to a disability and was told by the doctor it will be approved. I am at the min BMI but have diabetes and hypertension along with joint problems. I sure hope it does not drag out forever. I am 280lbs 6'3" BMI is 35. I am excited to get this party started and rockin'. Any words of wisdom are welcome.
  52. cameo
    I met with my doctor yesterday and have some tests to finish with before I can schedule surgery. I am hoping for a surgery date of December but may be quicker. Good luck with your journey.
  53. ncruthie
    I'm scheduled for my surgery Sept. 29th and I'm getting more excited and nervous by the minute.
  54. Rayer
    Hey everyone! I am new to this journey too. I've been contemplating having this surgery for several years now and finally made the life changing decision to begin the process. I've been to the surgeons seminar and my appointment with the actual surgeon is next week. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I fear that like every diet I've tried in the past, I will fail at this too. I am ready, emotionally, to make the changes necessary so I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. Due to insurance guidelines, I have to have 6 months of nutritional counseling, nutritional education and monitoring. I'm hoping o have my surgery sometime mid to late summer. The sooner the better!!! I wish everyone great success and look forward to reading about your journey too.
  55. PsychChick
    I'm just starting out. Starting my 12 week Options class through Kaiser on 3/12. I'll be done 5/21 and hoping there are no issues so I can be sleeved during July or August. I've become obsessed with this site. There are so many amazing people on here. I love all the advice and positivity.
  56. SapphireLevaou
    hello I'm just starting out and I'm going to be having mine next June. I havent had the psych appt or anything but I was approved for surgery so now my next steps are to put in my deposit and continue to pay into the price of my surgery and then get travelers insurance and a passport and flight ticket. My parents and my husband will be coming with me!
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