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Dr. Almanza 2018

  1. Caylee
    I've found much of the information on this site to be so educational and comforting. You guys are helping so many of us prepare for this journey through your posts, experiences and encouragement, so thank you!

    I'm scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Almanza on April 04, 2018.

    Has anyone had a VSG done by Dr. Almanza recently? (this year?)

    Would anyone be willing to share their experience with me?

    Any information to help me prepare for what is about to take place (IN JUST 14 MORE DAYS) would be very much appreciated.


  2. LKD81
    I had surgery in 2017 but there is a Facebook page called TJ Sleever Dr. Almanza with people that have recently went.
  3. Caylee
    Thanks LKD81! But I'm on this wild "Bettering Myself" journey which means I've taken a break with Facebook for a while.

    How was your expieince with Almanza? Which hospital were you at?
  4. idaniaperez2010
    Hello, I had the sleeve done with Dr. Almanza last Thursday and everything went fabulously; they are all professional and took well care of us.
  5. Caylee
    Thanks for the reply idaniaperez2010!

    How has your recovery been so far?

    Congratulations by the way!
  6. Iggy
    Iím having my surgery with Dr. Almanza on April 30th. Please let me know how it goes and all the best
  7. Caylee
    You got it Iggy! Thank you!
  8. PokerGuy
    July 2017.. Dr A and his staff are great.. Not a lot of hand holding but very professional and he is a great surgeon.
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