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SIM cards in Tijuana

  1. Nadene17
    Hi all - trying to get everything ready for my journey to Mexico (am usually really last minute but this one is important&#128064 . I am Canadian with surgery scheduled 19 Jan. Can anyone recommend a SIM card to get, or how best to stay connected without a huge roaming charge ?
  2. zoey101
    Go to your cell phone provider and have them turn your phone on for Mexico for the dates your there, it's allot less money than the roaming charges would be. I think I paid about $15.00 per day and it was wonderful knowing I could call and text whenever I wanted to. Good luck on your journey and Congratulations on getting the surgery, your going to be a completely new person within a few months!
  3. michael95472
    Use an app like Skype, Facebook messenger, FaceTime, etc. was WiFi at hotel and hospital when I was there. All free.
  4. Nadene17
    Thank you both-that was very helpful. Feeling excited.
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