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Question About Pregnancy In Future

  1. Redwan2001
    I am looking to schedule my apt in Feb, Hi there I was wondering if anyone has gone through or have had questions I am considering the sleeve, but I didn't know how that would affect if I got pregnant in the future. My question how do you get enough nutrients to your baby if your stomach is so small? Has anyone had those questions or gone thru it? I am wanting to get the surgery, but I am thinking of long term in how I am going to be able to have a healthy baby when I can barely eat. Any help or guidance would be so greatly appreciated.

  2. rcupps@sbcglobal.net
    I have two friends that have had the surgery and gone through pregnancy and it is not a problem. Your body will take care of the little one.No Fears! Good Luck and God bless! I'm down 111 pounds sense having the surgery in March.
  3. Redwan2001
    Thank you very much.
  4. Cueweight
    I had my gastric sleeve April 2015, and I just ha a healthy baby August 2017. I didnfine. Only gained 17 lbs and Iíve lost it already.
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