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Okay All: Gathering photos as we speak but debating on whether I will show my face or not...

  1. UKCreativeWriter
    That having been said...

    Please do upload images. If you choose not to show your face, we're cool with that.

    I know I don't want to share some of my before images.

    Well, today I am 3.5 weeks Post-op and have already lost 24 lbs. Actually a few more pounds may have been lost had I not overdone it with

    all my energy jumping around at week 3 exercising LOL. Overdoing it set me back a couple days where I only lost a pound each day.

    But now, with being able to eat more, my weigh loss is coming to a screeching halt. And that's with two hours of walking a day.

    My doc says don't worry because my weight is shifting and I'm looking better and better everyday. But I want more loss!

    Any words on this?

    And please feel free to send images (you can post them in your threads here. Before and After are the real meat and potatoes of our


    Don't be shy, I can help you edit photos.

    Just contact me :-)
  2. UKCreativeWriter
  3. Dutch
    I will post when I have a after...the before is not so pretty!
  4. LadyLitteRock
    Wow truly amazing results. My God you are so brave, not even funny. I don't have guts to do that, lol. Beautiful before and after, just to let you know. Are you happy and satisfied? Another thing Did you buy the same bathing suit or is that the same one? that's cute

  5. Emilyrosebud
    Wow! That's an amazing transformation. Your body looks great and so toned. Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm pre-op, but I have lost 27 lbs in the past four months doing my six months of pre-op dieting required by my insurance. I had my hubby take some pictures today, but I wish I had pictures of myself before I dropped the 27 pounds. I remember them taking a Polaroid at my surgical consult though so I will try to get a copy of that for posterity.
  6. KJH300
    Wow! You give me so much hope!!! Wow wow wow!
  7. thesinger
    That is awesome, you look fantastic! Way to inspire!
  8. yolymarie
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