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July 3, 2017 Surgery Date - Mexico here I come!

  1. GigiUSA
    Well, nothing like completing your paperwork and deposit... Then logging on to see BEWARE!!!!! Yikes!

    I know there are risks. I know buyer beware... I am just sick of carrying around this extra weight. It seems like everything I've done the last almost decade is lose-gain-lose a little more- gain a little more! I'm sure so many on here relate to the never ending battle. I know sleeve surgery is not a quick fix but a tool that I plan to respect and adhere to all instructions as this is seriously my last chance. My husband is on board and going with me. I can't believe I actually talked him into it... I am nervous. I want to avoid complications. I just want to make it through this surgery and get to the other side. Sorry, I am probably rambling at this point but I pray all goes well for me on the 7/3 and everyone else traveling to TJ to rediscover themselves and shed their unneeded padding... And live their best life!!!!!
  2. royalones

    Follow the surgical guidlines that weightlossagents provides. Make sure you spend time to look through the information and make sure you do the prep work that they recommend. Remember that after your procedure you are healing your stomach and that noncompliance with the post surgical diet plan puts you at risk for complications. I chose to imagine food spilling out into my body and causing major problems if I decided not to follow the diet plan. That was motivational for me because I'm a nurse and I see the effects of perforated bowels at the hospital. That was enough to make me follow the plan.

    People get nervous about surgery out of the US but so many of the surgeons and doctors in the US obtained their education all over the world and people are okay with it because they live in America.

    I am so happy with my results and the experience as a whole. I would recommend the surgeons and the program at weightlossagents in TJ for anyone serious about improving their health and quality of life.
  3. GigiUSA
    Thank you! I am going to follow the instructions to the letter to avoid a rupture/leak.
  4. Shortchicks2
    I am right there with you! Once I finally decided that this was going to be the year... there was no turning back. Luckily, my daughter is going along with me and we are going to have the surgery done together! My cousin had this done in Mexico a few years ago, and I saw her and my Aunt's transformation (as my aunt was the first to get it done some years ago). We are planning on having our surgery this month. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself... but a bit nervous at the same time. It is always scary and a bit intimidating when I see a negative post especially about Dr. Almanza.... so I am very thankful for all those who have wonderful things to say about him too. I am sending you lots of high five's, hugs and encouragement! Best wishes for your upcoming surgery... I look forward to hearing more about your success following your surgery.


  5. GigiUSA
    Thank you Holly. I will definitely post my experience as this info from others has helped me so much. High fives back to you on your upcoming surgery!!! Keep us posted
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