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Calling all April 2016 Sleevers! 1 year post-sleeve: how is everyone doing??

  1. SweetCaroline
    Hello all!

    We've hit our 1yr post op anniversary! It's hard to believe how quickly the last year has gone by. I've been wondering how everyone has managed the last year and if they've made the progress they had hoped for?

    My starting weight = 238#'s
    Pre-op weight = 216#'s
    1 year weight = 158#'s

    Total loss = 80#'s

    I also went from a size 18 to a size 10. I am very happy with this! My goal is 150#'s. I've been stuck at 158# for several months so I have changed my "routine". I've increased my protein and water; reduced my calories/carbs. I'm determined to get to my goal.

    Pro's of the past year: weight loss, feel great, joints feel better, no longer embarrassed of how I look, feel much healthier

    Here are some con's. Most of which are ok, just wasn't necessarily prepared for: The money I've spent!!!
    The expense of losing weight: wardrobe (I've had to buy an entirely new wardrobe: from shirts to shorts to pants to bras - even shoes fit differently and have had to be replaced). Of course I wouldn't change it, but it has been very costly.
    The expense of vitamins and supplements has been greater than I imagined. I was not big on vitamins before this so I had no idea how costly it could be.
    And lastly, and this is hard to admit: I do find it hard that I can't enjoy more quantity of things. I know this is how I got fat to begin with. I am 90% grateful that my pouch does exactly what it should: limit my intake. However, there are times I am really enjoying something and wish at that moment, I could eat more of it. That is one mental aspect that I am working to over-come.

    Over-all, second only to quitting smoking 10yrs ago, this was the best decision I've ever made for health. It has been quite a journey - and it really is just getting started. I'm going to do my best to be one of the successful weight loss/maintenance cases!

    My wish is for each of you to have success and health as well. Take good care.

    Miss Sweet Caroline
  2. aggiechristine
    Starting weight 370
    Surgery weight 350
    Current weight 215

    Total weight loss 155lbs.
    Still have about 40lbs to go (5'9"). In a long stall, but still seeing changes in my body.

    Feel so much better! Just on one small dose of blood pressure medicine and probably need to stop as some times my pressure is too low. Can walk and hike forever, fit in chairs, don't look anymore to see if I'm the fattest person in the room, not hiding from photos, etc.

    Miss Sweet Caroline, something that really resonated for me was that the "after the first bite, you are just chasing a taste memory." I just really try to enjoy that first bite, because the next bites will never be as good.

    So glad that I did this. Working to ensure that I do not squander the opportunity.
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