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Sleeved 2-23-17

  1. Betsy89
    I was sleeved 2-23-2017 by dr alamanza and doing great however the weight is so slow to come off
  2. magnifica
    Hi Sugar,
    I keep reading things like this all the time.
    I wish someone would told me this was a usual thing before I decided to get sleeved.

    I had mine done last April. I dropped weight off consistently for the first three months.
    However, I have been stuck at 175 lbs. since last August.

    We have to keep researching what we are supposed to eat and not eat!

    I am still happy I am not 230 lbs. but my goal weight I am not sure I will get too.

    I am trying hard not to worry about it because it will trigger my stress levels and defeat my achievements!
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