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7 days post op???

  1. L key
    L key
    I was wanting to ask if it is ok to have runny mash potatoes at 7 days post op. Was wanting to add to my broth. What does anyone think about this?
  2. Tamera2
    Good evening, I recommend you follow Dr Almanza's post-op instructions to a T like I have and I'm 2 mos out and doing great. The second week you had a Protein drink (at first I couldn't drink a whole one only small amounts through out the day with a total of 4oz a day) with full liquids then the third week you had cream soups with other full liquids, 4th week is soft/purée foods like what your asking. 5th week Solid. I know its tempting to push the diet but our surgeon put these guidelines/requirements together for a reason. Hang in there you'll be on food before you know it. ps are you taking something like Nexium or Prevacid? this helps reduce inflammation that mimics hunger pains!!!
  3. Tamera2
    If its the consistency of soup you could add week 3 when you start cream soups.
  4. Vanessa7
    I agree follow the guidelines to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.
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