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Surgery date 4/18/2017

  1. beccahelen318
    I am really nervous and scared and wondering if anyone else will be having surgery on the 18th of April. What did yall all think of Dr. Almanza? I was suppose to have had Dr. Hernandez and they just switched me to Dr. Almanza.
  2. flamingomom
    You are in the best hands with Dr. Almanza!! I had surgery with him 5 months ago & absolutely have no complaints or regrets whatsoever! The care u receive at the hospital is great & even better by the nurses at the hotel after ur surgery! No worries at all! I'm one pound away from a 60 lb weight loss!
  3. LKD81
    I had surgery on 2/20 with Almanza, it was a great experience. There was 8 or 9 of us that day and everything went perfect for all of us...
  4. jenny53669
    Awesome FlamingoMom!

    BeccaHelen318 - I can agree you are in great hands! I had surgery by Dr. A on Jan 13 and I was very pleased with their whole staff. Don't be scared! They are pros at this. I also came with about 9 people and no one had complications or leaks. I'm 6-1/2 weeks out and have lost 25 lbs
  5. beccahelen318
    thank yall so much! i have sever anxiety. I dont do anything by myself. So this is extremely terrifying. My husband was going to come but since my youngest has Autism it is so hard to find family willing to keep him for a day let alone 5. I dont know if I can take anxiety meds. I guess i need to check because I dont take them now but i will probably have to for this. The plane ride just has me nauseous when I think about it. I am not a small person so I am worried about fitting in the seat. I fit in regular seats with arms so I keep telling myself it will be ok but the worry is still there. I guess it is about time to put my big girl panties on and do the thing! lol
  6. Tamera2
    Hi Becca, I had Dr Almanza back on January 24, 2017. I'm very happy with him and his staff. Everyone was very professional and all were kind and we're happy to be taken care of you. The cardiologist does a very thorough pre-op physical to make sure you are healthy enough for surgery. I would have Dr Almanza again in a heart beat. You will be in good hands like the others pointed out. Also when I had my surgery there were two women traveling by themselves. Good news is you will spend a fare bit of time with the group having surgery on your day. It is a safe area around the hotel and hospital. We walked all around and felt comfortable, even two ladies walked around by herself. They didn't have surgery, they were there will a patient. There we're a bunch of us wanting to go shopping on day two so the drivers assigned to us took us and we went together. Unless you pay more you will have a roommate but if you pay for private room you won't feel alone. The hotel staff treated us like family and the nurses were all great and I liked Dr Pompa a lot too. He's the hospital doctor you'll see once a day after discharge. My Group wants to have a reunion and I look forward to see everyone again. The Accommodations are real nice and comfortable and the grounds we're lovely. The hospital room was comfortable and the hospital was very clean as well the hotel was very clean too. I hope this helps bring you peace. You will be pleasantly surprised. Feel free to ask any questions. Good luck
  7. Andrea Zeeuw
    Andrea Zeeuw
    I think they work as a team.....my group did fine with both doctors
  8. ambrosia76
    I'll be going the day after you with Dr. Hernandez.
  9. yolymarie
    I had surgery with Dr. A. Jan 9th. It was great. I was so scared, I went alone and was super worried but I did share a room with the nicest girl. we had surgery same day and then went to our xray together. The nurses are in and out all day even at the hotel. You will love them. I was super worried about navigating the airport and the flight home but I only took one carry on. The porter loaded it into the overhead and took it down for me. I told them I had surgery so they did check on me twice during the flight. I was super lucky and saved a little extra money so I flew home first class to give myself extra room. It was great. I did not have any trouble pulling my bag through the airport it was on wheels and when I got to the car my sister lifted it into the car. It was actually so much easier than I hoped. Good luck and I hope you have as easy of a time as I did.
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