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5 years!

  1. N2DVN
    WOOHOO! How's everyone doing? I am still in love with my sleeve!
  2. tulsarose
    I didn't realize that yesterday was my FIVE YEAR SURGIVERSARY!!!!! For me this has been a long, winding process, and has been proof positive that surgery is not a magic pill. In January 2012 I had the surgery with high hopes that it would be my miracle to lose the excess weight I had wanted to rid myself of for years. Although I initially had some moderate success (25 +/- lbs), I found myself in a holding pattern, and couldn't understand how come others who had the surgery around the same time as me were having great results and I was being left behind. I hid my surgery from others, and it added even more stigma to my obesity in my mind.

    Two years ago next month, I walked into a WW meeting, and decided to make myself accountable for what I ate and how much I moved. I forgave myself for not being perfect, and made the commitment I wouldn't be in a weight loss competition with anyone but myself. I don't think anyone else ever felt like they were competing--it was my thought process! It has been slow, and the weight is coming OFF!!!!!! Last week I celebrated moving from a BMI of obese to overweight!!!!

    N2DVN, you look fabulous! Congratulations on 5 years!
  3. deesleeve
    Hi All! I am just getting back on this page. I initially lost 65# did great. No complications etc. Gained about 40 of it back and then lost 26 this year! I LOVE the sleeve and would recommend it to anyone. My appetite is not large, I still can only eat small amounts, but it is the mindless grazing and the bad food choices (i.e. cake instead of a meal ). So I hopped back onto this page in hopes of finding some inspiration/motivation to get back to where I was a few years ago~ How is everyone else doing?
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