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Calling Recent Patients of Dr. Verboonen

  1. BelleKreyol
    Any updates from recent patients of Dr. Verboonen? I'd love to hear about your recent experience.

  2. JMarie65
    Hi Belle,
    I have been seeing Dr. Verboonen since 2009. He did my band with absolutely no problems. On Feb 17, 2017 he is removing it and I am getting the sleeve done. My family thinks I am nuts but they don't struggle with obesity. His staff is great. He is Great and I am fully confident everything will go well. When do you go?
  3. BelleKreyol
    Thanks JMarie65! I've since had my revision. It was hard finding his patients on this board. One reason why I blogged my experience. BTW, how did you do with your band?

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