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My Surgery and Post surgery liquid diet

  1. garyshoe
    So, I had my surgery on Wednesday, Sept 28th. I was hoping to go home on the 29th but my white blood cell count went from a pre-op of 10 to a 14, then to a 19 so they kept me in the hospital for two days - they feared I had an infection so they loaded me up on anti-biotics and made me stay the extra night. I hate hospitals because I cannot get any real sleep in them. So, I got released on Friday around 11am. The worst part was the needles sticking in the same vein over and over again for all the blood draws for the CBC testing.

    So, I have had no nausea at all and now I am on a liquid diet for 3-4 weeks. So, ny suggestions on what I could do for my liquid diet for variety??? I am getting really bored with the protean shakes and broths. I add jello and I eat around 3-4 popsickles per day. Help?? no pain at all but the 5 incisions are starting to itch a bit. i still cannot put any creams on them because they still have the hard stuff on them - i was told to not do anything until the hard stuff fell off.
    I was allowed SF applesauce, herbal tea, plain triple zero yogurt blended with unflavored protein.

    Have you checked with your Nut? My bariatric "team" is always the best source for information.

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