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  1. Luara
    So I'm 2 weeks out and made the mistake (twice) of thinking I can eat food. Because I did, even though I chewed thoroughly, I ate too much and vomited it all up. Twice. So, am I ripping out the stitches in my stomach? Is it going to leak? Am I going to die? I know that last one is extreme but 2 people have told me horror stories about stomach leaks, going septic and dying. Help!!!
  2. Pam G
    Pam G
  3. JennK

    Be careful and please follow the rules. They are in place for your safety... not just for the hell of it. Follow the liquid, puree, soft, then semisoft schedule because you could injure the new tummy or staple line.
    I don't know what you are heating (hard, crunchy, too much) but it is possible to create a leak if you are not careful. If you are concerned I would ask the dr. to check it out. Please take your time and follow the purees. You don't need food right now. its just head hunger. Fill up on nutritious drinks. It wont be long till you reach the next stages and can add other options.
  4. shymamichula
    eat what you are supposed to don't worry you will be able to eat real food I promise. Right now you have to let your stomach heal
  5. Luara
    Thanks, I do have to deal with my head. I have a dr. appt this week to see if he thinks I should do a leak test, just to be sure.
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